Wednesday, July 22, 2009

you're okay :)

Two things happened while getting my reality tv fix that I absolutley have to discuss.

The first was on SYTYCD. This is the frst season I have been attached to, I am so glad I did because I've fallen in love with the show! Melissa and Ade have been my favorite couple from the very first episode. Their chemistry was amazing, both are such strong dancers. Tonight, they happened to be paired together again for the second 1/2 of the season. They performed a dance coreographed by Tyce, the piece was about a womean with breast cancer. I feel HONORED to have watched that beautiful piece take place. Most people don't like to talk about cancer, but we need to. It effects so many people each and every day. Tyce took a brave step by creating this dance, and I am so happy he did.

The second was on the Real World. This show has been around for many years and often brings up topics that so many people are dealing with. Tonight, it was cutting and self-harm. There was a very heated debate because some of the guys on the show felt that the girl who was cutting was doing it just for attention and they refused to feel any sympathy. One of the guys went too far, making jokes about it and telling her to leave the house via notes written in fake blood.

I don't know who reads this, if anyone will stumble upon this, or if anyone I KNOW needs to read this...

Cutting and self-harm is not and never will be a joke. It does not matter the person's reasoning behind it, it doesn't matter if you think they just want attention. If someone is harming themsevles on purpose, they need help. They don't just need a hug and some encouraging words, they need professional help...because somewhere inside that person is pain or confusion. If they need attention, there is something missing in their life that is causing them to feel the need to harm themselves. They need to talk to someone.

On that you know how many times I've heard people say things like "what does SHE have to be depressed about?". Depression is a mental illness, not a phase or an excuse.

For those of you struggling with our self worth or self love, I want you to know a few things. The first is that you are not alone. You may feel alone, but you will never be alone. The second is that you can be helped. You just have to reach out that hand and ask for it. Tell someone that you are struggling. Don't keep it all inside. Most importantly, never, ever give up hope. I believe hope is one of the greatest things we can grasp. As long as we have a little bit of hope, everything will be okay.

I will close first with a poem I had written a little while back and second with a song from Mandisa.

you're too scared to face the world today
so you lay under the covers and sleep it all away
you turn off the phone and dissapear for a while
can't reach out to anyone, so you push them all away

you've given up hope and faith
and believe you'll never get out of this
making lists in your sleep and your insides are tangled in fear
can't even talk to God cuz you're just too hurt

reach out for my hand, I'll help you up
I'll walk by your side as you take it one step at a time
cuz I've been where you are, you have to believe me
it get's better

one day you will see how strong you are
but you can't move on without believing
you're get's better

show them you're better than they ever thought you could be
trust me, it gets better

just keep going, you have to try
what's got you down now can't keep holding you
fight back, push down the wall of fear
I'll be there with you, cuz I've been there before
and i gets better
-Megan Carolin

Do you have ANY idea how much God loves you? I mean each and every single one of us, despite what we think about ourselves.

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Shari said... Add Reply

Okay, so I read the poem you wrote last night, but I wanted to wait until today to post my thoughts on it. First of all, it totally made me cry, Megan. Everything you wrote is so true, and it really hit home for me yesterday. I had been having a tough day where I couldn't help but feel discouraged about the whole career thing and what the future holds ... and I'm being completely serious when I say that your poem reminded me of what I already know but had let be overshadowed for a little while yesterday - the importance of hope. Thank you for that reminder to never give up and to always dream big :-)

You seriously have such a talent for writing - it's a gift you need to share with people!!