Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trying Hard to Control My Heart

I'm back. I told you I needed some music therapy!

These were chosen by my Daddy!

23) Christina Auguleria- Beautiful

When I first heard this song I was a teenage girl struggling with the same issue every teenage girl is struggling with- self esteem, wanting to be accepted by boys and wanting to feel as pretty as the popular girls. This song should be played for every girl going through that- Christina made a beautiful song that allowed girls...and all people, for that matter, to realize that they are beautiful no matter what they look like.

29) Eminem- Lose Yourself

The one and only rap song on this list. You, Eminem, should feel special. This song, believe it or not, is quite inspirational. It is my work out song. The last song I listen to on my list to keep me going for the next day.

Back in the day, Taylor Swift used to cover this song all the time.

36) Gnarls Barkley- Crazy

This is one of the few recent songs on the list. When I first heard this song I fell in love with it and was ecstatic that a song such as it was being played on the radio. It became overplayed, but I was never sick of it. I also enjoy many different versions and covers of it, it seems as though everyone has a different take. Great song.

Posting Jason and Archie :) I actually prefer Archie's version, but Jason's is great as well.

54)Josh Groban- You Raise Me Up

My mom and I were watching Oprah together when Josh was a guest for the first time- Oprah saw him as a new, fresh talent. She was right. He has one of the strongest male voices I have ever heard. I appreciate his beautiful music and love that he sings in other languages. This song is one of my songs for God. So beautiful and pure.

It is only appropriate that I post the cover that Charice made...Charice is another Oprah discovery. Just listen to her voice.

69) Madonna- Crazy For You

Favorite Madonna song. Not much else to say :) Just had to include this music icon in my list.

Anddd a little punkish New Found Glory version:

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