Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last Five Songs!

Last 5 songs! Aren't you excited? These all have a bit more of an emotional connection, which is why I saved them for last. Three very special announcements first, though!

1) Today would have been my grandmas 92nd birthday. She meant the world to me and was a beautiful, amazing woman. RIP Grandma, I miss you every day.

2) Please say some prayers for Laurence. This is the update I got from his daddy:

Tumor grew from last MRI (not a large amount, but it did grow (it is not just swelling).Decision he is making is to either up the dosage of the current chemo; do nothing; or do an Experimental Level 1 (earliest experimental) Treatment (possibly out of NYU in New York). He has not been nauseated by this Chemo that he is on, and does not want to go back to feeling sick all the time. If he changes Chemo he only wants to do a Level 1 in the hopes that it can help other people some day.

I talked to Laurence last night on FB chat, he said basically the same thing. He is in pretty good spirits and is open and willing to talk about it, but please say some prayers for him.

3) Chikezie gave me the best birthday present ever. If you have been following my blog for the past few weeks you may have seen that I posted I would LOVE for him to sing a cover of Justin Timberlake's song "Another Song (All Over Again)". This morning I opened up my e-mail and there was an mp3 of Chikezie doing the song, directly from him. More about that later, since this song is on the list today!

68) Melinda Doolittle- It's Your Love

It's hard to put into words the meaning of this song for me, but I'll try my best. This was Melinda's first single, and for her dedicated fans such an exciting thing to say. We had been waiting ever so patiently for her to release an album, so it was pretty much a promise that we would love any song she released. I think this one is special because Melinda is so good about making sure she thanks her supporters and shares her love for them. Whenever she sings this song live she makes a point to say she wouldn't be here without the love and support of God, her mommy, and her fans, so this song was a dedication to them. The words are very close to the message she portrays, so it's more than a soulful love song, it's a thank you. I'm posting the live version from her appearance on Ellen because that was also a very exciting time for all of us. Don't forget to download the EP of Remixes available on Itunes and Amazon now!

79) Rent-Seasons of Love

Oh, Rent. It holds such a special place in my heart. This musical brought together my group of friends in high school. Rent defined us. I can't tell you how much this musical means to me, I'm head over heels in love with the message it potrays and the story which it tells. This song is a gentle reminder that each of us need every single day.

I am posting the version which was performed at the FINAL Rent performance. Please ignore all the screaming and clapping in the beginning.

and my 2nd favorite Idol season

83) Sara Bareilles- Gravity

I had only heard "Lovesong" and "Bottle it up" before I heard this song, and then I downloaded her whole album. I absolutley love her music, she's very talented. I could listen to this song all day, it has an amazing emotional connection. Gina Glocksen performed it and said that for her this song was about her dad, which I found so raw and real of her to announce, just like the song, which is beautiful and creative. Love it!


90) Justin Timberlake- Another Song (All Over Again)

Oh here we go. Before we get into the Chikezie story...I have to tell you how this song came into my life. I am NOT a Justin fan, I think he is talented and creative but never been a fan of his. I own any of his albums, never had the interest in seeing him live, AND have never found him cute (sorry). My roomate and one of my best friends, Lauren, is quite the opposite. She LOVES him. She told me to listen to this song, and within a few words I ran into my room to download it. Since then, I listen to it ALL THE TIME. I find it so beautiful, so touching. I have ALWAYS wanted Chikezie to cover it, because I know he's so good at taking pop songs and making them soulful.

So first, here is Justin's version. Learn it, love it.

SO. Yesterday, Sam texted me to tell me not to check twitter because she had to answer Chikezie. Later she told me that he had sent her a direct message, but she couldn't send him one back. This morning, I checked my e-mail, and there was this message:

I've spent the day trying to convert the video to a format small enough to send via email. Couldn't get it smaller that 35MB (the limit being 25MB). @ 3:40 AM I've given up (as I've run out of energy) and simply stripped the audio...
I'm sorry I couldn't get it to you sooner but... Happy Birthday."

Attached was the MP3 of "Another Song (All Over Again", Chikezie style. IT IS AMAZING. I am waiting to hear from him to see if I have his permission to upload it to youtube, and if I get that I will post it. For now you'll just have to trust me that it is amazing and that I cried. HOW SWEET IS HE? I MEAN SERIOUSLY. WHO WOULD DO THIS FOR A FAN? ONLY CHIKEZIE.

okay. moving on.

92) The Spill Canvas- Self Conclusion

My favorite band!! This song is from their second album, it is a true story and the song explains everything so I'll stop talking now and let you listen.

I hope you enjoyed going on this little musical journey with me :)


Babz said... Add Reply

ok seriously, as I was reading the first three songs, I was like "are we the same person?" haha. Those are three songs that will forever hold a special place in my heart for many reasons.

I am keeping your cousin in my thoughts and I hope they can find something to help him. Tell him there are many people thinking of him.

You rock :-)

Shari said... Add Reply

Thank you for taking us all on this musical journey with you ... it's been so much fun!! :)

Sending many, many good thoughts your cousin's way. I truly hope he gets a miracle!