Sunday, July 5, 2009

Light up, light if you have a choice.

Tonight's five songs were randomly chosen by Lizz, aka my long lost twin :)

9) Bette Midler- The Rose

I'm actually kind of bitter about this song, because it reminds me of someone who was once a very best friend of mine that completly turned against me out of the blue. It was "her song", all of us knew it was her favorite, and she used it as one of her Kairos songs. At the same time, it's a song that I love and gives a great message. It really is beautiful with genius lyrics. Bette Midler has one of the most amazing voices!

I'm totally posting the Family Guy version...I love this show's actually a really good cover.

15) The Beatles- Hey Jude

Aaah this song was played at Monaco last night and I was reminded how much I love it. There are so many great Beatles songs, but this one immediatley puts me in an amazing mood, makes me want to sing along at the top of my lungs, and reminds me of the American Idol tour for Season 6. I will never forget when Sam and I were at the concert and Chris Sligh spotted us in the crowd, jumping up and down and singing along- he started pretending like he was our choir director. It was soo hilarious and just true to form of how much I adore that season. It's also well done in "Across The Universe", one of my favorite movies.

25) Dashboard Confessional- Screaming Infedelities

There's not much to say about this song, just my favorite song from one of my favorite bands. It's a beautiful little heartbreak song everyone can relate to..I miss this band!

27) Don Mclean- American Pie

Picture this: It's the end of a high school dance...everyone is exhausted, sweaty, and giggling with their friends or holding hands with their date, truly believing that there is no better place to be other than right here, right now. Before the lights are turned on and everyone is ushered out of the gym, the DJ plays one last song..American Pie...your group of friends, or a large group of your entire class gather together in a circle, arms around each other, swaying to the song and kicking out their legs. Couples take turns going out to the center, making up crazy dance moves. When the music picks up, the circle breaks and everyone dances...until it slows down again, where the circle is reformed. That was what happened at EVERY dance at Mercy. Whether it was informal or we were wearing long gowns, it happened. It was one of the best parts of the night, everyone came together. One of my favorite times was at the end of senior all night party, we were all crying and hugging, saying our goodbyes. I remember standing on a chair doing heart hands (yep, heart hands existed before Jordin. Believe it) and yelling I LOVE YOU to everyone. Aah I miss those days.

84) Snow Patrol- Run

One of the saddest, most beautiful "goodbye" songs ever written. I listened to this song 24/7 the weeks before I left for college. I related exactly to how I was feeling about my situation. Some of you might know this song for Leona's's an amazing cover, but the origininal is pure raw emotion and very low key. Just listen to the words :)

For those curious, here is Leona's version. Her voice is outstanding, but I am more attached to the original.

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