Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're almost finished! It's going to be weird to not post these anymore, I rather enjoyed it.

10) Blessid Union of Souls- Peace and Love

I love putting this song on cd's for people because it's a simple wish to those you care about- "May you always find enough peace and love". It's sort of my song for the Delta Gamma, because of the line "maybe time will bring you back, and if it does you'll always have a home". When Delta Gamma closed, we were told there was a small chance it could be brought back to our campus in the next few years, so that's why it reminds me of it.

41) Hanson- Watch Over Me

One of the first things I learned about Sam was that she was a huge Hanson fan. I had no idea that Hanson was still making music, but she let me listen to some of their new stuff and I absolutley loved it. I had never realized how talented they were! We were just becoming really good friends when their album "The Walk" released, and I immediatley fell in love with this song. It's like my very own prayer. Love it love it. Recommend it to anyone.

52) John Legend- Imagine

This song reminds me so much of Amanda, it was her favorite song. I will never forget when I logged onto the backups site the day she passed and this was the song playing in the chatroom. What a beautiful song that reminds me of a beautiful person!! There really are no words to explain how outstanding and well written this song is so I'll just let you listen to it.

56) Kelly Clarkson- Maybe

I've said this before but I'll say it again: I am determined that Kelly stole my journal and wrote this song. It is me, what I believe and what defines me. I hate that Kelly's "My December" album gets such poor reviews, I think it is incredible. Oh, and about this whole "Halo" thing: I knew I've never liked Ryan Tedder for a reason, and team Kelly. Seriously. Read up on the articles, you'll see that she tried to stop "Already Gone" from being her third single. If you ask me, it should have been "All I Ever Wanted"

60) Luther Vandross- All The Woman I Need

I literally just listened to "Maybe" three times and jammed. Okay, back to the list. I love me some old soul music. I am so glad for things like American Idol that have shown me to appreciate soul music. It's one of my favorite genres now! Luther Vandross' music is one of my idol's idol (ha)a wonderful, talented artist.

One of my favorite Chikezie performances.

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