Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm behind on these and want to try and get them done before I leave for orientation. That will require doing two posts in one day at times, I apologize for everyone who really doesn't care about my music posts.

It's getting harder to ask people to pick numbers so I just made my own schedule, made sure that I had a variety in each post. Do you see how hard I work for you...just kidding !

32) Fall Out Boy- Where Is Your Boy Tonight

I am so thankful to my brother for introducing me to Fall Out Boy back when they were just another band trying to make it big. I can't believe the success that they have had since then. This song will always be my favorite of their's. Not even sure why, just have always loved it and associated it with car rides with my brother. He's really the one that introduced me to good music. Thanks JP.

Posting the acoustic version:

46) Jewel- Foolish Games

This song makes me sad, but I love it. Remember when Jewel was such a popular artist and every girl wanted to be her? She's so talented, and this song I always felt emotionally connected to.

61) Maroon 5- Secret

I miss old Maroon 5. I used to listen to this album on repeat. I'm not such a fan of their newer stuff. This song is so beautiful and raw, the kind of music I am obsessed with :)

78) Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody

This better be on everyone's list! Possibly one of the greatest songs ever written. First reminds me of driving around in high school blasting it and singing at the top of our lungs, then reminds me of Delta Gamma because we had to use this song and sing it to frat boys using catchy lyrics like "beer pong and keg stands very very frightening!". Yikes.

86) Spice Girls- Wannabe

Shush. I was such a huge Spice Girls fan. I even owned a VHS copy of Spice World. I also was determined that Sporty Spice and I were meant to be best friends, because we had the same shoes. (again, Shush). I have fond memories of dancing around my room to this song. PS...if you watch Spice World now, there's a lot of hidden stuff about how the music industry really works. Smart people.

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I'll always love them ... I even went to two concerts on their reunion tour last year! I feel like going to watch my old VHS tape of that Wembley concert now ... thanks a lot :P