Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bambi, Security, and Booker T

I hope that you all had a safe holiday weekend! The Fourth of July is always a fun holiday to get together with family and friends and spend some quality time appreciating life and one another. That is exaclty what I did :)

Lauren, Sam, and I made plans a few weeks back to spend the Fourth of July in Kalamazoo, since we hadn't seen each other in so long and with everything going on with Mercy Volunteer Corps, I'm not really sure where I'll be in a few weeks, making it harder to know when I'll see them again.

Lauren and I drove together on Friday, spent the day trying to find her an apartment for next year. Then we drove down to Niles to pick up Sam and to have dinner at the BEST Mexican restauraunt. The three of us drove back up to Kalamazoo...spotting Bambi on the way...had a blast jamming to music and chatting. We seriously saw Bambi. A little baby deer crossed the road, he clearly couldn't run very well and kept tripping over its own feet. So sad! When we got to Kalamazoo we chilled in our apartment just like old times. We spent a good portion of the night on the balcony, where we spotted high schooler's partying at the building across from was amusing to watch their petty was all fun and games until college park security got out of their car and walked over below our balcony- they chatted with us about Michael Jackson before telling us that our music was too loud and we were "singing to loud". Apparently we had been jamming to David Archuleta's "Crush" too loud. When Sam asked them that there was underage drinking going on at the other party, his response was "I don't really care about that". Great. We live in a world where security cares more that we are singing David Archuleta too loudly than they do underage drinking and driving is happening. That makes me feel great.

Saturday we had lunch, sat around, and then went shopping which is always fun. We had dinner at our favorite restauraunt in town, our favorite waiter served us, and then we got ready to go to our FAVORITE bar. (See a patern here?). Monaco Bay is seriously so much fun. It's the bar Matt Giraud used to work as a pianist...the atmosphere is just so chill, fun, and friendly. Anyways, we got ready and watched fireworks from our balcony while waiting for our taxi to pick us up. Doug from Bronco Express picked us up, chatted with us about his "redneck friends" and advised us not to drink too much at the bar, then he told us that he wanted to pick us up later, so to ask for him when we called Bronco Express later. We promised we would and headed into Monaco Bay...Matt's poster is still on the wall with the other pianists/singers. It made me really proud of him :) We had some drinks, requested songs, sang along, and had an absolute blast. Such a fun night! As we were getting ready to leave, I called Bronco Express for a ride home. We went outside to wait for them. Another taxi service, Big Daddy, was outside, waiting to take people home. The driver was eyeing me, and then asked if we needed a ride. When I told him we were waiting for Bronco Express, he told me he'd like it if we came with him- now- don't worry..if I had been alone and some random guy told me to get in his car, I wouldn't have. I had Lauren and Sam, and he was from a well known cab company in Kalamazoo. So we piled in and told him where to go. We chatted with him about his GPS and American Idol (he seemed to be a big fan of Jordin and "No Air"). When he pulled up to our building we paid, thanked him, and jumped out. We were 1/2 way to the door when he was yelling after us "Ladies, let me give you my personal card". He got out of the van and gave us his business card- with his personal cell number. His name? Was Booker T. I'm not kidding.

The next morning, Sam was looking through my photo album full of pictures from all four years of college. She discovered a picture of Megan Sultana and I holding up a Bronco Express business card...with the name "Doug" and his personal cell phone number written in the corner.

The point? I now own two business cards with personal cell phone numbers of taxi drivers. This is just the life I lead, people. No need to be jealous.

We had an amazing time, though, and that's what matters. We laughed until our abs hurt and had a nice deep conversation this morning on the drive to Niles to take Sam home. I love my best friends and am very lucky to have them in my life :)

Five songs coming up next :)

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