Friday, July 24, 2009

We Will Find A Way

I'm pretty sure someone slipped some liquid DREAM BIG medication in my coffee this morning. All day I've been in the best mood and coming up with goals and dreams for the next year!

First of all, I just took a cool quiz recommended by Lisa Whelcel via was on the website , it tells you the role you are meant to play as a woman. My results were Caretaker/Advisor. It was a pretty cool quiz, I suggest you check it out!

Now onto my dreams. Firs the smaller and more likely to happen...I am going to plan a week long trip to Nashville for next summer, once my term with MVC ends. This city is my dream city, and everytime I have been there I've been so rushed I haven't been able to truly take it in. I'm even going to start a seperate jar where I put extra money so that I know I'm saving up for it. This trip will be my treat to myself for having spent a year completly dedicating my time and service for others. Everyone's always telling me to do something for myself, so this is going to be it. It will also be another incentive for me to lose the weight, another reward. I won't be able to go to the marathon this year (at least I'm pretty sure I won't), so I am going to make a special trip. With that being said, if ANYONE wants to join me, please let me know. We can all share a similiar goal and then meet up in Nashvegas and party- sound good? GOOD.

Second dream. This one is going to take a little longer...but I'm going to write a book. I have absolutley no expectations, I just feel like I need to. You ever get one of those feelings? Anyways, I want to write a book about my struggles with anxiety and food, how I discovered it, how I am slowly going to overcome both. What do you guys think? I want everyone's opinion on this, whether or not you normally comment. If you read this blog entry, I would love your opninion, because I am one hundred percent serious. I'm planning on writing up an intro to this book, I'll post it when I'm finished. In the meantime, I've gotta do some research. Send resources my way, please :)

My birthday is next week and as most of you know my one wish is to raise 200 dollars for Malaria No More. I'm at 95 dollars right now. I'll be very content with this, but if anyone is interested in donating, I encourage you to go to this link:

You don't have to be a facebook user to donate! Thank you!

Hope everyone is having as positive of a day as I am....and if you're not, here's some songs to inspire you.

Oh and...THIS happened a year ago today :)


Babz said... Add Reply

First off I am so so proud of you! You have been doing amazing things and are such an inspiration to me, and many others.

Second, like I had said via FB I definitely have a few resources that I will send your way once I find them haha.

Third, you rock and I love ya!

Shari said... Add Reply

I have to second what Babz said -- you truly are an amazing person who inspires all of us. I don't think you quite realize what an impact you have on other people!

I'm excited for you for your trip to Nashville ... I think you need to do a picture diary along the way so I can live vicariously through all your experiences ;-) I just know you're going to have the best time!

As for the book - I know I've said this already, but I think it's a FANTASTIC dream and definitely one you can turn into a reality. You have such an obvious talent for writing, and I can tell that this book would be one that comes from your heart. That's when writing means the most, when it comes from who you are and is a part of you. Trust me, it'll be an amazing experience for you - life-altering, even. I look forward to reading the intro and the book itself one day. Promise I can get a signed copy? ;-)

I wish I had some resources to send you that would be helpful! Even though I can't help with the actual content, when you get to the point where you're finished with it and beginning the publishing journey, I have TONS of websites, research, and resources I can send you on publishing, agents, etc :)

So excited for you!!