Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Before I even start, I have to address the tragedy that occured on I-75 tonight. A tanker exploded, causing the overpass at 9 mile to collapse. There is thick, black smoke in the air which is reported to be toxic. I can't imagine how scary this is for everyone involved, so please say some prayers! It is also only a few miles from the zoo, so I hope the animals aren't affected by the toxic gas!

I've got some sad news. The father of the family I nanny for was laid off. Which means two things: 1) Their family has some financial strain and 2) I no longer have a job. It wasn't going to be my job for that much longer, so it's not really the money I am worried about (although it would have been nice!) It's the fact that I loved these kids. As exhausting as my job was, as much as it made me realize how grateful I should be to have all this Megan time, I loved and adored Sophie and Kate as if they were my own. I tried to say goodbye, but they didn't understand. Sophie just kept saying "I'll see you tomorrow, Megan!". It was so sad! I don't know if and when I'll see them again. I'll miss Kate, and the way she pronounces my name (Wagon). I'll miss the mornings when she just wanted to sit in my lap with her blankey. Or the days Sophie was at preschool and we got to bond. I'll miss her grabbing my phone and yelling "PUPPY!". I had a closer bond with Sophie, because she was older and we had more "conversations". I will really miss that little booger. The way she helps me calm down Kate, the way she gets SO excited to see me, how she told me I'm the best Megan ever, just everything. They are such good kids. Thanks for giving me a few weeks of growth, Sophie and Kate.

Basically, this means that I have more time to organize and prepare...and spend some quality time with my mommy. I am somewhat relieved about that, I was beginning to stress. I still have a lot to do!

So my birthday is coming up. I want two things.

1) For Chikezie Eze (I don't know why I've been using his full name lately. It just flows) to cover this song:

2) To raise 200 dollars for Malaria No More! I don't need presents, so please...spend 10 dollars (or whatever you can afford) to donating toward this cause! You can save a life!!!! I am inspired by Melinda Doolittle every day, and this charity has become so close to my heart because of her. Million of children are dying in Africa every day to a PREVENTABLE disease! Please donate!

I thought of one song lyric last night...but I can't figure out if it sounds good or not. Plus it's EXTRA cheesy. Let me know you're thoughts:

"In the race to get over you
My mind is lapping my heart"

If I can think of more lyrics I'll post it, but everytime I try to write more I end up writing carbon copies of previous songs.

Waiting for Shari to post 5 numbers and then I'll post songs!

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Sending good thoughts to everyone involved in the accident last night!!

Aww Megan, I can only imagine how difficult it has to be for you to leave Sophie and Kate after you've gotten so close to them. If it helps at all, you should feel so good about the fact that you've left such a lasting impact on their lives. I can tell from the stories you share how much they both adore you, and that's something that won't go away. Is there any chance you can at least go back to visit? In the meantime - enjoy your free time, organize things leisurely, and relax as much as you can! You more than deserve it!!