Monday, July 27, 2009

All my roads, they lead to You

First music post today, will do another one later tonight. Before I cool is this...Malaria No More retweeted my tweet about my birthday wish! Which caused a whole bunch of people to retweet it as well. My @replies today have been insane! Thanks Malaria No More! By the way, I have raised $125. I don't think I'll make it to my $200 goal, but that's still a lot of lives saved!

12) Bonnie Tyler- Total Eclipse of the Heart

My friend Sarah and I call each other every single time we hear this song on the radio (which is pretty rare, might I add). So many memories of up north with my girls Jamie, Lindsay, and Sarah. It also reminds me of Old School and singing this song with Fitz when we lived together.

We need some Carlicita up in here

42) Hairspray- Without Love

I am such a broadway nerd, it was hard to only pick a few songs to include on this list. I could probably make a whole seperate favorite broadway/musical song list. Anyways, this one always puts me in the best mood. Wonderful musical, great song.

58) Lady Antebellum- All We'd Ever Need

This is probably one of my top five favorites. when Jess and I went to see Martina back in January 08, I never expected to become such a huge fan of the opening act. That has only happened to me twice in my life, and I am SO happy it happened with Lady A. I had been digging them during their set, but when they performed this I was HOOKED. Such a beautiful song and could not better describe one of my relationships. I knew Lady A would be huge and now look at them! SO proud of these guys and gal. Cannot wait for their new album.

They perform it with such emotion!

82) Oasis- Wonderwall

I mean c'mon...such a great song, right? Who doesn't love it?

93) Sister Hazel- All For You

When I first heard this song I was overcome with how well it described my relationship with God. Just listen to the words and then try to argue with me. I dare ya :)

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