Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Always Better When We're Together

44) Jack Johnson- Better Together

A simple, chill song that reminds me of being with my best friends...it's always better when we're together. :) I love Jack Johnson, such a creative, mellow artist. Always puts me in a better mood!

67) Melinda Doolittle- If I'm Not In Love

Well it's about time there was another Melinda song on the list!!! I actually heard this song when we saw her at Music Jam and it was my favorite then- I loved that she took a Country song and turned into a beautiful, soulful ballad. When I heard her sing it live at the Borders tour again, it gave me chills. I think it's one of the songs that better shows off her vocal ability and strength. We all know Melinda is an amazing singer, I think this song proves it. Beautiful song, my favorite part is "why in every fantasy do I feel your arms embracing me...lovers lost in sweet desire...why in dreams do I surrender like a little BAABBYY someone help explain this feeling, someone tell me" so powerful!

76) Pat Benatar- Heartbreaker

This has always been one of my favorite songs to sing at the top of my lungs. Whenever my brother and I play Rockband I demand to sing this song- my apologies to my family :) Such a fierce song! Pat Benetar is incredibly talented.

In honor of her sophomore album :)

82) Rascal Flatts- God Bless The Broken Road

This song is actually what got me interested in Country music. I heard it my senior of high school and fell in love with the beautiful lyrics and message. Rascal Flatts are such a talented, creative group of guys. I dedicate this song to all my friends, and to all the journeys I have taken to get to them. Love you all.

and because I don't show Carrie enough love...

98) Van Morrison- Brown Eyed Girl

Reminds me of Mercy dances- during the sha la la la part, everyone used to get on the ground and kick their legs in the air- yes, even the girls, in their formal dresses. Happy times!

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