Monday, July 6, 2009

Crunch Time!

Still no word on my placement for MVC- I e-mailed Marie a little bit ago and told her I had not heard from the Detroit coordinator, so hopefully I'll hear SOMETHING soon.

Today has been such a quiet day... the girls both slept in until 9 because they had a busy weekend. We played inside until noon, then they were hungry. Lunch time was quick, then Kate went for her nap. A few minutes later Sophie said she was ready for a nap. They'll probably sleep for a few hours, too! Nice and quiet day...for once.

So, I only have four weekends left until my orientation in Philly for the Mercy Volunteer Corps, and directly after that I am sent to my placement. Here's what the rest of my summer looks like:

Working every day unti I leave.
This Friday I am going to Kalamazoo again to completly clear out everything from my apartment and turn in my keys. I'm only staying one night, coming back Saturday morning.

Next weekend, there is a small possibilty I am going to the Women of Faith conference in Cleveland! I was supposed to be a volunteer at the Indianapolis event in August, I was just going to stay at my brother's apartment. Now I can't, because of MVC, so I called to let them know. The coordinator e-mailed me saying she had a need for a few volunteers at the event in Cleveland if I could do that. I really want to, because I've heard amazing things about the event, I just know that I'll have to get a hotel for a few nights and don't think I can afford it on my own. Anyone live in Cleveland and want to let me stay with them? hehe.

The weekend after THAT I think I am going to see Archie and Cook in Chicago with Sam and Brenna. It's going to depend on a few things, but it would be such a nice trip, one last concert experience before I'm shipped off. Really the only things holding me back are money and the fact that it's the week before I leave, so I don't know if I should be traveling. Especially if I do end up being placed in Baltimore, I should probably spend that weekend packing and spending time with my family...but if I don't go, I don't know when I'll see Sam again or go to a concert with her. Aah decisions.

My birthday is during the week after that, but since I literally leave for orientation three days later, I doubt anything will happen. I may have a nice sendoff/birthday dinner on July 31st, the night before I leave. In fact...yes, I think I will :)

I should be getting my packet about orientation in the mail today or tomorrow! I'm excited, because even though I do not know my placement, I still get to spend a week in Philly, which will be something new.

Love you all and hope you have a great week!

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