Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm Gonna Love You More Than Anyone

J Bizz picked these- I had to alter some of the numbers because they had already been chosen- but thank you J Bizz!

5) Brand New- Seventy Times Seven

When you hear this song, you're going to find it very odd that it is on my list, because it is rather angry. It was my favorite song at a time in my life when I was very angry, though. I want to make it clear that I would NEVER wish what this song wishes upon anyone, no matter how upset I am with them. It was just a way for me to let out my agression.

18) Celine Dion- Because You Loved Me

This is my song for my daddy :) I want this to be the song that we dance to at my wedding one day. My dad is the one who has given me all my strength, and I really am who I am today because he loved me. Thank you daddy!

35) Gavin DeGraw- More Than Anyone

Ooooh boy. This is my favorite Gavin song. Such a simple love song. "I'm gonna love you more than anyone". End of story. No questions. I love Gavin, I have a hard time picking my favorite song from him. This is probably it not only for the simple love song fact but also my favorite line "look in my eyes, what do you see...not just the color...look inside of me". Before I ever, EVER heard this song, I had written a poem with almost exactly the same line in it. I wish I could find that poem...

My favorite version is the Stripped one...I LOVE THIS MAN. His voice is so raw.

Okay...now Chikezie's version. First time I heard it was this exact performance for the American Idol Stars in Concert. I was sitting in the second row with my best friends. Chikezie looked over at me and started walking towards me, then from :15-:50 he stared at me and sang :) I almost died. Favorite song. Favorte male idol. Death. Thank you, Chikezie Eze.

48) Jordin Sparks- God Loves Ugly

I LOVE THIS SONG. Obviously, lol. I love that it shows off Jordin's vocal talent...and is such a good message for her fans, especially the younger ones. When I found out that Christa Black wrote this song I freaked. Christa is friends with Melinda and Jordin...such an AMAZING artist. This song is beautiful.

62) Michael Jackson- Billie Jean

To all those who are sick of hearing about MJ, I apologize. I won't say much other than this has always been my favorite song of his :)

annnd some coooooooooookie.

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