Saturday, July 11, 2009

I was going to wait and do these five songs until later tonight after I got some organizing done, but I need some music therapy. Ha.

These were chosen by Gem and if ya'll don't know what this woman means to me by now you are nuts.

50) Jackson 5- I'll Be There

On the night of Michael Jackson's death I posted this video to share that it was my favorite Jackson 5 song. Since then, I have heard this song on CNN, MTV, Vh1, E News, American Idol recap, etc on every MJ tribute. I love this song more and more every time. This song is so how I feel about all my friends and famiy.

51) Judy Garland- Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Everyone who knows me knows that my favorite movie is Wizard of Oz. That movie is so full of magic...happiness...yet dark themes. The combination of the two is a wonderful thing. Judy Garland is one of my heroes. Dang, now I want to watch this movie. Anyways...Somewhere Over The Rainbow is actually kind of my song for this transition period I am in. The lyrics are pretty right on.

Anndd you all knew this was coming. I miss this boy. I read today that his album is coming out in the fall, eee!

59) Louis Armstrong- What A Wonderful World

Though I had probably heard it before this, my first real memory of this song was at my friends dads funeral. Katie and her little brother were in our group of friends in our neighborhood- I was very close with their entire family but never knew their dad without knowing him sick. This song was played at his funeral, I can remember feeling so bad and hurt because I couldn't imagine what it was like to lose your own father. I think that everyone should listen to this song to remember to appreciate life and those around us.

Taking ya'll back to the pre- Chikezie, pre-Jason days...when I was in love with Daughtry. This is before I realized what a jerk he can be.

80) Ray Charles- Georgia On My Mind

For the past couple years I've had a real appreciate for old soul music. My dad has always LOVED Ray Charles but I am a late bloomer. He's amazing, I don't think there's anything else to be said about him or this song.

Posting two cover versions...Alicia/Jamie because it's beautiful

and MATT GIRAUDDDD cuz he's Matt Giraud. hahah.

100) Whitney Houston- I Will Always Love You

I mean really..who doesn't love tihs song. Possibly one of the hardest songs to sing, but so beautiful and meaningful.

I wish I could find Mandisa's version of this is the best version I've heard. Unfortunatley I cannot find it on youtube. So I shall post LaKisha, who always needs more love than she gets.

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