Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2009...so far.

I had a nice long blog typed out about (prepare for morbid) death. I know, creepy. It was more about the affects death has had on me than the actual topic, though. I think it's important to discuss something that scares so many people. I ended up deleting it because it was making me too sad, and I didn't want it to look like I was just laying out all my sad thoughts for you to read.

So, it's time for a new beginning. Miss Alyssa suggested I talk about 2009...what has been different, what I'd like to change, the hilights...

Since summer is almost over, I think it's an excellent idea. Actually, 2009 has been quite...quiet.

Obviously the biggest difference in my life has been going from a college student to an adult trying to find a job. I can't tell those of you who have not experienced this that it's easy, or that it's not scary. I would be lying. It was one of the scariest times of my life. I felt as though I was being pulled in a million different directions, yet at the same time in a state of panic because I had nothing. Now that I know what I will be doing in the fall, it's a much clearer picture. I'm still scared, but those few months when all I could see ahead was fog were the scariest.

Another huge difference was having my internship. I started my internship at the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Council. Honestly, I never would have expected to be placed there, but it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. I went into it not know what to expect, and came out a few months later with leadership experience, fundraising experience, and having provided fresh ideas to the agency. It was a real confidence booster. I was even able to use my writing and write press releases for events we held. I will never forget those months, even the days I stayed up all night working my butt off. Thank you to all my co-workers, I love you guys.

The hilights would be:
-Melinda's Borders Tour. Homegirl came to both Birmingham, MI AND Ann Arbor, MI. These were the first Melinda events I had ever been to alone (well, my parents were in Birmingham, but you get the point) and I was able to spend quality time with my mama Melinda. I got to hear new songs from her album as well, which was so exciting. I had a blast these two days!

-Mandisa at the Valentine's Day Event in Ft Wayne, IN. The tickets were a blessing and a surprise, so I know I was meant to be there. She remembered me, I got my book signed, and was able to thank her in person for everything that she had been doing for me for the past couple months. I am such a fan of Mandisa not only for her music but because has helped me to understand and to pull out of something which I thought I was completly alone. I love her!

-The 5 Mile Walk for The Homeless that I did. I set a goal, stuck to my workout plan, and accomplished something I never thought I could do. I know 5 miles isn't a lot, but for me, it was huge. Plus I raised a lot of money for a great cause !

-Idols Spring Break Tour: Dearborn, Chicago, and Utah. Oh my goodness. I can't tell you how exciting it was for me to see two of my favorite idols paired with two idols from my favorite season all on the same stage! Each of the cities were special for their own reasons. Dearborn because I got to see Gem and spend a few days with her, spend the concert time with Lauren and Sam...Chikezie gave me a shoutout on stage and sang to me. I had not seen him in SO long and was finally able to get my Chikezie hug again! He and Melinda both made the night really special...from Melinda pulling us apart and theh jumping on me to Chikezie giving me a sneak peak of his single. Plus I got to meet Gina for the first time!

Chicago was special because Gem and I went down and surprised Maria and Des. I loved being able to see them! This show wasn't the best experience due to the weather and issues beforehand, but it was worth it to see Maria and Des and spend time with Gem. Of course it was wonderful to see Melinda and Chikezie again, I was also able to thank Gina for inspiring me with her original song.

Finally, Utah was special because I was able to fly out to Vegas and spend some quality time with one of my FAVORITE people in the whole world, Val! I never get to see her, so it was great to spend so much time with her. I also got to see Maria and Des again, along with my Cathy and my April. I miss those ladies so much! I surprised Melinda and Chikezie!!!! What a fun trip that was. One I will never forget, that's for sure.

-My Graduation. I know I already talked about this but I was able to have my family and my best friends there to celebrate with me. This was the same day as the marathon and I was able to speak to all the backups plus Kelley and Janet on the phone briefly, and Melinda the next day. What a life changing event- I am so glad I decided to actually go to graduation!

-My brother's engagement! I am so happy for him and Sara, that was such a fun weekend to spend with my family. My brother is one of my heroes, I am more proud of him than I am of anyone else in my life. I only wish him happiness. If anything stands in the way of that..well..ninja Megan shall put a stop to that! Love these two :)

-Weekend at Gem's. I am very glad I was able to spend some more time with her, it was the first time we had to spend together where we didn't have to rush or worry about other people- we could just relax and spend time chatting. It was wonderful!

-Schuste's Retirement Party- Think I've talked about this enough :)

-4th of July Weekend with Sam and Lauren! Such a blast with two of my best friends. Monaco Bay, Booker T, and a fab chat in the car. Loved it!

-Women of Faith Conference. Since I've already spent two blog posts on that, I won't talk about it anymore. Just know that it changed my perspective on everything!

Now, my goals for the rest of 2009
-Lose the wieght
-Keep in touch with the friends I've lost touch with this summer that I NEED. No one that brings me down.
-Have an amazing year with the Mercy Volunteer Corps.

PHEW. That only took forever :)

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