Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's The World I Know

I'm posting this a little later than usual...but today was kind of a crazy day...and by kind of, I mean it was one of the craziest days ever. No need to get into details.

Anyhoo, the most beautiful wonderful woman picked the five numbers today- my mommy. My mom and I have a very strange relationship- we can go from screaming and arguing to joking around and hugging within minutes. At the end of the day, though, I love her with all my heart and am so blessed to have a close bond with her. I am also so extremly proud of everything that she has overcome, and the fact that she is the BEST teacher at St. Hugo. I know this because I hear it everywhere I go..." your mom is amazing..." "your mom is the best teacher at this school!". Seriously. Everywhere. You'd think it gets annoying, but it just makes me smile and proud that I get to have her as a mommy.

1) Alicia Keys- Fallin

First of all I'm so glad someone finally picked's just been sitting there at the top of the list, waiting to be picked. Way to be bold, Mom. anyways... I'm actually not sure if Fallin is my favorite Alicia Keys song, but it's the song that when I think Alicia Keys, I think Fallin. It's also one of my favorite live performances...I think Alicia is one of the most amazing female musicians. I also think people forget about her until she has another new single, which should not be the case. She is so talented. This is a song almost everyone knows and it is very beautiful, raw, and real.

Posting Mandisa's audition :) I remember this one, it became famous because of Simon's mean comments-which Mandisa later forgave him for. I love Mandisa so much and am sooo grateful for everything she's done for me.

4) Aerosmith- Cryin

Not much to say about this song- no real emotional connection, just such a great song, one that I like to belt out.

Posting Adam's version...which I actually did not like at first, but now it's one of my faves

17) Collective Soul- The World I Know

AAAH. This is in my top 5 all time favorite songs. :) I wasn't a fan of Collective Soul until I heard this song- which was my sophomore year of college. When I first heard it, the lyrics reminded me of Delta Gamma...and they still do, but now it's more fitting for graduating from WMU.

So I walk up on high
And I step to the edge
To see my world below.
And I laugh at myself
As the years roll down.
cause its the world I know.
Its the world I know

Here's why... my favorite place in Kalamazoo is this cliff (ha, that sounds emo) that overlooks the entire city. It is beautiful and hard to explain unless you see it. I would often go up there, look out...that was my world. It's also the place where DG's are brought for initation, hence the reference. Love this song.

I once heard Cook say that this was his favorite performance because the song means a lot to him. That makes me want to hug him. This is my favorite Cook performance.

30) Eve 6- Here's To The Nights

This song reminds me so much of Alex and our last nights together before I left for college. In fact that's pretty much all I think of- the summer before college. Those nights we felt alive....the amazing times we shared. Miss it.

89) Stevie Wonder- You Are The Sunshine of My Life

This song reminds me of my daddy. I'm too sleepy to get into emotional details but he is the sunshine of my life. Plus he loves Stevie. haha.

Posting the motown medly performed by my favorites :) Chikezie sings the You are The Sunshine of My Life part...he would.

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