Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Music Tuesday

Today was such an exciting day for new American Idol music!

Daughtry released his new album, "Leave This Town". It was a let down for me. I used to be a huge Daughtry fan until I got so sick of his songs. This album is such a carbon copy of his first one. I like a little variety. I was bored easily and don't see myself listening to it often. Sorry Daughtry.

Brooke White released her debut album, High Hopes and Heartbreak. I wasn't expecting to love this album, but I do! I have been listening to it all day! It's wonderful- has that singer/songwriter feel with a little bit of a Country influence on some songs. I've always really respected Brooke for her compassion toward others and her clear passion for music- not just playing instruments and singing, but she seems to really love all music, writing lyrics, the feeling it gives...I've always loved that about her.

My favorite songs are: Smile, High Hopes and Heartbreak, When We Were One, and Hold Up My Heart. Check it out :) It's a good buy!

Finally....my girl Melinda Marie Doolittle released an EP of remixes for "It's Your Love". You know I'm gonna tell you they are amazing, but seriously guys. AMAZING. My favorite happens to be the one that is going to be released to radio in a few weeks- it's the Nevins Radio mix. So go on itunes, download the entire EP or just a few of them (you'll get her music video if you download the EP) and then have a dance party. You will love it!!! I can't wait for the day I'm in a bar and hear Mama Melinda come over the speakers. I. will. freak. I've been jammin to these remixes since I bought them at 8 for the purchase push. I am so so so SO proud of my Melinda! Please download this hot jam!

There are so many Idol albums coming out soon that I am looking forward to!

Jordin Sparks- Battlefield SO excited for this! I have been putting off listening to the leaked album, but I did listen to the preview clips from Amazon. I think it's great. I already know I love the title track and "Faith". Can't wait for the rest of the album!

Adam Lambert and Kris Allen- I don't know what the titles of their albums will be but I know they both have a fall release date and I am genuinely excited for both these albums. I am sure that both will be very creative and well done. Kradam all the way, haha.

Jason MF Castro- I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR SO LONG! Jason fits into exactly the type of artist I listen to, and I cannot wait for his album to come out. I am so happy for him!

On a non music note, I found out today that my roomates for the fall are two boys and a girl. I look forward to meeting them at orientation :)

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