Sunday, July 26, 2009

My immune system just doesn't know what to do right now. Both my parents have been fighting nasty cold's for about a week. I started feeling it on Thursday, and then felt fine up until today...when I coughed and sneezed my way through The Ugly Truth. C'mon cold, just decide if you're staying or leaving.

Anyways. How is everyone? Did you have a good weekend? I'd say mine was pretty lovely. I missed out going on Cookletta weekend with my best friend Sam and some other awesome girls, but had a great time nonetheless. It included being able to spend time with three of my best friends; Lauren, Christine, and Meg Mal. It also brought quality time with my family...minus my brother and Sara. I've said this more than enough times but I have a wonderful family. Thanks, God!

Random sidenote- I was checking facebook on Saturday in between dinner with family and going out with Meg Mal- and I noticed Miss Melinda Doolittle wrote on both of my parents facebook walls

"Take care of my Meggy tonight"

How freaking cute is she? I mean seriously. I love her. Okay, moving on now.

I've been grateful to see several movies this summer. I don't see many during the school year because a) I'm usually broke and b) We kind of forget that's an option, I think. So most of my movie time is during the summer. Most of the movies I've seen have been really good! My favorites were:

-The Proposal: Everything a romantic comedy should be. Perfect.
-My Sister's Keeper: Touched my heart, cried pretty much the whole time. Beautiful movie.
-Up: Such a wonderful Disney/Pixar movie. Captured some really strong emotions.

I also liked Wolverine, Harry Potter, and The Hangover, but you have to be into each of those genres to really enjoy them. The ones I named as my favorites are ones I think anyone could love.

There wasn't any move I saw that I didn't like, I'd say the worst was probably The Ugly Truth only because it was very dirty and VERY predictable. On that note, I do want to mention one thing. In the movie, Gerald Butler's character says that "men are incapable of growth, change, or progress". For some reason I've been thinking about that statement since I've gotten home. I don't think it's necessarily true. I think that anyone who wants to change or is open to change can. If you're content with the live your living and against changes, you won't. I do know, though, that we shouldn't stress ourselves out trying to change other people. They gotta do it themselves, and for no one else but them. That folks, is Megan Carolin's lesson of the day. HA!

I'm behind on my song list so I'll get one of those posted next. I'm also working on a couple of other pieces of writing (that makes me sound all professional, I'm totally not) regarding my send off to MVC, my birthday, and a few other things.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week. Mine will consist of finalizing my shopping, laundry, and packing and fighting off this cold. I know, what a FUN birthday week.

PS: If anyone wants to send hints to Chikezie to sing this song I would not argue with you. :)


Anonymous said... Add Reply

You, are a fabulous writer! I look forward to reading you book in the next year! I love you.
Angel <3

Babz said... Add Reply

yay! Glad you had such a fantastic weekend!! I hope your last week at home is wonderful. I'm so excited for you and your future endeavors!!

Love you banana!