Monday, July 13, 2009

It Only Takes A Spark.

Yesterday I recieved a text from my dear friend J Bizz that said she had been reading my blog and she wanted me to know that she was proud of me. It absolutley made my day. You's normal to hear my mom say she's proud of me, or my friends that are older...or old teachers...and trust me, it is QUITE an honor to hear people I admire so greatly tell me that, esepcially when I followed in THEIR footsteps. J Bizz's text, though, somehow made me even more happy inside, because to know that one of my friends is not afraid to tell me that, meant so much. I don't even know if that makes sense. J Bizz, thank you. You really made my day.

Thanks to Sam's tweet about Christmas music, I am totally listening to Hanson's Christmas Album right now. I don't care who you are, this is the best Christmas album ever. Don't even try to deny it. This music is making me happy.

Speaking of album's....tomorrow is the pre-release of Brooke White's debut album! I'm really excited for her, I think Brooke is a sweetheart and totally underrated. Her first single "Radio, Radio" is so her, so real and bubbly. I hope Brooke is a success. I'm kind of confused, though. I guess they are releasing it for a week, and then re-realising it on the official date? Can someone explain that?

I am slowly but surley getting everything done for orientation and for the school year. I am just so excited about this, I really feel like it's a perfect match. I am so excited for orientation, to meet my new roomies for the year, etc.

So, in light of recent events, I would like to share a quote with everyone.

"It only takes a spark to get a fire going".

That, my friends, is a line from a Delta Gamma song. It's been on my mind lately. Just remember that no matter how much other people put you down, or what obstacles you face, you can acheive your dreams and goals. You can be that spark that gets everyone else going to start the fire. You can do things that you never thought were possible. All you have to do is try. If you fall (I do not say fail because as long as you try, you are not failing), get right back up and try something new. Think positive. Be positive. Surround yourself with people who will motivate you and keep you inspired. Most importantly, know your self worth. You can do anything you set your mind to. I promise.

Also...on Sunday, I sat back and thought to myself " have really grown these past few months". Seriously. I'm surprising myself more and more every day. I've been able to tell people "no". Share my opinion. Open my heart to myself and others. I like this new me.

I love you all.


Babz said... Add Reply

way to go Megan! You rock! Love ya!

Shari said... Add Reply

I think Brooke's album is just on itunes this week, and then it's released in stores next Tuesday :)

Are you getting excited for orientation?