Monday, January 6, 2014

You're the Lucky One...

Everyone assumes it's so easy to be you. You have more money than most of us could ever dream of having. More money than any of us would ever know what do do with. You are constantly given luxurious gifts- cars, clothes, etc. You get paid to do what you love to do. Everyone knows your name.

But when you take away all of the perks, I bet it's not so easy being you. People analyze your every move, every decision you make is judged by whomever is watching. You make one mistake, and people turn against you, calling you names and laughing at you. Your weight is a constant topic of discussion. You're too thin, eat a hamburger. You look anorexic. These things are spoken about you constantly. And there's so much pressure put on you to be perfect, to be a role model. You've got to do it right, you've got to please the people. Give them what they want to hear, always put on a show,fake a smile. You're told where to go and when to go there, what direction to go in. Security surrounds you constantly, to stop harassment, or worse, in case  someone gets a little too close and tries to hurt you. Your words are taken too seriously, or not seriously enough. You are a constant target for bullying.

I bet a lot of nights are lonely for you, once the entourage disappears and you are left alone with your thoughts. You must constantly battle who is actually a friend versus the people who just want a glimpse of fame, so they use you and your friendship to get there. You don't know who to trust. Men throw themselves at you only to break your heart when they decide they are bored. Your family worries that you work too hard, your old friends start to think you are forgetting them. You haven't forgotten them, you miss them so much it hurts, but you don't know how to tell them that without sounding desperate.

And then there's your fans. Most love and adore you, praising you and your existence. But some fade away, finding new role models, new favorites. It's sad to see them go. Others completely turn against you, or worse, pretend they don't like you simply because their friends say you aren't cool enough. And others, well, they are downright cruel, sending death threats to your ex boyfriends or anyone who has dared to speak ill of you. Those fans are the most complicated, and they make things hard.

While it would be fun, exciting, and adventurous to live a day in your high heels and pretty dresses, a day is all I could do. Because I know it's not easy, it's exhausting and confusing. But know this: Despite all the hate, bullying, criticism, and exhaustion, you are still the light in people's lives that shines brightly when everything else goes dark. You are still a face of hope. Your words are full of dreams, possibilities, and truth. So don't let the hate ruin you. Let it fuel you to keep going.

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