Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Blues

We're all sick of winter. It's the coldest winter in Michigan history that we know of, and the most snow we've gotten since 1908. It's gloomy and disturbingly cold (I'm talking -30 cold) and we're all tired and annoyed.

So let's try to find the good things.

  • Soup. Soup is good in winter anyways, but especially tasty when it's -30 degrees outside. So far this year I have made stuffed pepper soup, vegetable tortellini soup, sausage tortellini soup, veggie orzo soup, and plain old vegetable soup. All have been delicious and warm my little tummy on these bitter cold days.
  • Netflix and flannel pj's. Is there a better combo? I don't know about you but I've been loving watching old episodes of Glee on Netflix and wearing my comfy flannel pajamas and hoodies. It's totally acceptable to sit on the couch all day when there's a blizzard outside.
  • Get lost on the internet for a while. Discover new bands on Pandora. Find hilarious youtube videos and post them on your friends wall. Scroll through those ridiculous valentine's cards memes. It's okay, it's too cold to do much of anything else. Go ahead: Get lost.
  • Cuddle weather! Grab your hunnie and cuddle under some big warm blankets. If you're single, cuddle your pet. If you have kids, cuddle them.
  • Reading. When you need a netflix break, pick up a book. Catch up on some reading.
  • Blast the Frozen soundtrack. Dude, how irnoic is it that Frozen came out the same year we are hit with the coldest winter ever? But blasting the soundtrack when you're cold to the bones is a lot of fun. I'm doing it right now.THE COLD NEVER BOTHERED ME ANYWAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
  • It's kind of- sort of- pretty outside. I mean, if you can look past all the slush and ice, the snow itself is beautiful. It's a sham it's too cold to go outside and play in it, but we can admire from afar.
  • Make yourself a big ole cup of tea. It's comforting to sip on a hot beverage, and tea is good for you. I strongly recommend peppermint tea. Delicious.
  • Together time. Oh I know. The amount of snow days may be getting out of control but some day, you're gonna wish you had more time with your family. So try not to get too petty with each other and try to have fun. Write a story together, make a music video, bake cookies, do something.
We can get through this, guys. When it's all over we will look at each other and laugh. We will talk about this months from now as we sit outside in our bathing suits, sipping on margaritas. We will cheers each other, because we made it. In the meantime, let's hold each other close. Check in on each other- watch your pets, bring meals to your elderly neighbors, and text the stay at home moms who are going stir crazy. Don't let the polar vortex break our beautiful spirit. We got this.

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