Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy little Saturday

It was going to be a pretty typical Saturday. I was going to workout, clean the house, get my groceries, and do some writing. Tom and I had plans to go out in the evening, but my day was going to be pretty average.

And then my mom called, as I was sitting up in bed trying to force myself to go to the gym.

"Maureen and Dave are violently ill. I'm going to pick up Ryan and bring him here to babysit. Can you help me?".

I told her I would come by after I worked out. There went my plans to grocery shop and clean the house! I started moving quickly- if i wanted to get everything done, I had better leave soon.

The gym was crowded. It was the last day of the open house for new membership and there were tons of people coming through for tours. Normally, that would somewhat intimdate me, having so many strangers see me working out. But not today. Today I pushed hard. I did all resistence/weight training circuits, and smiled as people came through. I even showed a group how to use the Battle Ropes, a new "toy" at the gym.

I promised myself (and Tom) I wouldn't step on the scale this week. I had started getting so frustrated with not losing that it was bringing me down. But, curiousity got the best of me so I stepped on the scale in the crowded locker room. I was down nearly 3 lbs, putting my total weight loss at 35 lbs.

Excited, I practically ran to my car, and after a quick coffee stop, pulled into my parents house to help with Ryan.

He greeted me at the door, and wanted me to follow him into the kitchen. As my mom washed some of his toys in the sink, Ryan and I chased each other around the island. He was so happy. Every few seconds he would just run into my arms, giggling. He's never done that before and it melted my freaking heart. I couldn't help but squeeze him tight when he did that. Then we went downstairs to play with his amazing hand me down play kitchen. At one point I sat down on the couch, already tired from a workout and chasing him, when he came running to me again.

I know it's a simple little thing, a child running into your arms. It happens all the time. But it made me so happy.

I left when Ryan was eating his lunch, knowing his nap was coming afterwards. I grabbed Jimmy Johns for Sam and I and headed home- to a clean house. Sam had cleaned it all already. I swear, sometimes there is no better feeling than walking into a clean house. It smelled so good and everything was put into place. So Sam I spent some time eating our lunch and chatting. It's rare to do that on a Saturday, usually we are both running around with our errands, too busy to sit and talk.

The day continued to be happy when Tom and I had the perfect date night together. It's actually pretty rare that we go out, we try to save our money so we usually have dinner in and watch tv or a movie. But this time, we went out. Nothing fancy, but we had the best time. First we went to 2nd and Charles in Auburn Hills, which is full of new ad used vinyls, CDs, movies, books and games. I walked out with two books on my to read list. We will be going back soon. I could spend an entire day in that store. Plus we ran into Toms' aunt, the store manager. She's so sweet! 

Then we went to dinner at a Mexican restraunt. I allowed myself to get a meal I actuAlly wanted to get, rather than order the healthiest thing on the menu. I was still careful, I took the cheese and sauce off my chicken tacos and barely ate the rice. I still felt kind of guilty, but Tom assured me that I have to eat what I want sometimes.

After our meal we were stuffed, so I was insistent that we go walk it off somewhere. On the drive to Meijer we sang along to the radio at the top of our lungs. That put me in a goofy mood and I probably embarrassed Tom in Meijer because I was power walking through the aisles at full speed, pivoting at the turns like a drill Sargent. 

Tom made me laugh the rest of the night. When he asked me to rate my day, sometime he does daily, I held up all ten fingers. It was perfect. Between my workout, Ryan, lunch with Sam, a solid two hour nap and my beautiful date with Tom, it was pure bliss.

I hope you had a happy Saturday, too, and if not, there's always Sunday.

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