Friday, May 16, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday... a little late.

So, last Monday my gym announced that they were starting a Kickboxing class- that SAME day. I was ecstatic. I tried kickboxing once and nearly threw up from the intensity, and I've been wanting to go back ever since (that's pretty sick and twisted, eh?). I got to the gym just in time for the class to start and was greeted by this tiny, peppy girl named Sarah. There were only three of us there the first night, and Sarah (a professional kick boxer) taught us the basic mechanics of the various punches and kicks. It was tough, but not super intense. I walked out feeling energized.

This past Monday, I went again, expecting a similar class. A few others joined us, and Sarah kicked it up a notch. For the first 5 minutes, we did a "running warm up" where we went from jumping jacks to mountain climbers to crunches without taking a break, for the entire 5 minutes. The rest of the class was a bit more cardio based. I walked out feeling exhausted.

For the next few days, my upper legs were so sore that I had tears in my eyes every time I had to go down a set of steps. Getting on the toilet took about a full minute longer than normal, and each time I sat down at my desk, my coworkers would giggle as I audibly yelped "ouch". I couldn't help it- it HURT. I honestly have not felt this sore from a workout in probably about a year, when I first started working out. I am just now starting to feel a little better, but still hurting a little.

As a result of sore muscles, I saw an "increase on the scale" (not calling it a weight gain!). Apparently, the muscles are retaining water as they try to heal. Bodies are weird.

So I have been stretching and drinking water like crazy to try to get my body back to normal. I have taken it VERY easy on the workouts because I am in pain and I didn't want to get injured. I focused on arms on Wednesday and tonight I am just going to go for a slow walk, and tomorrow I may try swimming laps.

I wanted to share this just to share a different kind of story and to show that there are some bumps in the road along the way of weight loss! I'm not used to seeing an "increase on the scale" and it freaked me out a little. I calmed down after some research and reassurance from friends, plus I know I did not actually gain weight because my clothes are fitting the same.

I will continue to go to kickboxing. I love it, I love my instructor and I kinda love that it shook things up for me a little.

Starting now and going into next week, I will not focus on the scale. I will keep up with my workouts and my healthy eating and keep doing what I've been doing. I know that now I have gotten past the 50 lb mark, things may get even harder. But I am ready.

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