Sunday, May 18, 2014


FIRST BIRTHDAY.  I obviously don't remember it, but thankfully there is video and pictures that captured the moments of my 1st birthday party. I shared the party with my Grandma and my cousin Chris, who have a birthday near mine. We had a backyard bbq, kids played on the play structure. At cake time, I stuck my hands in the cake and then in my hair- which made everyone laugh. I got so messy from the cake that my mom gave me a bath before I opened my presents.

FIRST MEMORY: It's hard to determine if my memories are my own or through pictures. I do remember Kindergarten quite well. I have clear memories of my mom picking me up from school, taking me to do errands, and then coming home and watching Wizard of Oz while sitting at my little table in the family room.

FIRST EMOTIONAL TEARS.  The ones that I can remember are when I was 6, and terrified of going to school. I had some social anxiety issues and was so scared that my teacher would call on me and I wouldn't know the answer. I cried a lot in the mornings, just out of fear.


Pay it Forward. I was older, probably 12 or 13....but I don't remember crying while watching a movie until I saw that one. 

The Babysitters Club and The American Girl books were my JAM. I would read through them so quickly. I loved to read, and read every book in both of these series. 

FIRST MUSIC TAPE I EVER BOUGHT. I think the first CD I ever got as a GIFT was The Spice Girls. I think I BOUGHT Hanson.

FIRST CELEBRITY POSTER I EVER HAD IN MY ROOM. I don't know if I even had any...but if I did, it was probably an Nsync poster. 

FIRST FAVORITE TV SHOW.  Well, probably Barney. But the first show I remember LOVING? Full House- DUH. Anyone who answers otherwise is wrong. Other favorites included Rugrats, Doug, Family Matters, Clarissa Explains It All. 

FIRST KISS. My first "real" kiss happened when I was a freshmen in high school. 

FIRST JOB. Babysitting! I started babysitting when I was about 12 and kept on babysitting almost every day until I was about 24. I was a nanny for several summers as a teen and a college student, and from there did random babysitting when needed. It was good money AND I loved kids, so it was a great job for me. 

FIRST TRAVEL OUTSIDE MY COUNTRY.  When you live in Detroit, it's pretty standard to go to Canada when you turn 19, where it's legal to drink.  I visited good ole Windsor a few times. I've never been anywhere super cool, though. (sorry, Windsor). 

FIRST BLOG POST. Does livejournal count? :) You can read my first blog post on this blog  HERE
 It was right after I graduated from Western, and I was bored while waiting to find out if I was accepted to MVC. So, I decided to start a blog! 

Now it's YOUR turn. Tell me about your firsts. Or better yet, write a blog and link up below or make a post on social media using the hashtag #firststotalsocial. :)

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