Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Meghan Tonjes

If you read HelloGiggles or The Huffington Post or Perez Hilton, you've probably read the story about Meghan Tonjes, Youtube star, and her bum on Instagram.

If you haven't, let me sum it up. Meghan, who, like me, is on a weight loss journey, posted a picture of herself in her underwear. The picture was to show her progress, but also a statement from Meghan of how comfortable she is with her body and how much she loves her curves. The picture didn't bother me one bit. But it bothered someone, because it was reported and Instagram removed the picture for "nudity".

Meghan then made a video, basically questioning Instagram's actions. Because here's the deal- there are butts on Instagram ALL. THE. TIME. Why was Meghan's taken down? Because she's plus sized. At least, that is what we can assume. I see no other reason why Meghan's picture would be reported, while there are THOUSANDS of pictures on Instagram that are much more inappropriate than the one she posted.

Now, Meghan has been all over the blogs and news sites for her courageous, brave video. It has started several discussions. Instagram has since apologized, stating it was a "mistake". The picture is back up- but they only apologized after Meghan was featured on CBS, Perez, Huffington Post, etc. Hmm. Curious, eh?

This leads me to ask you all. Why are we so damn judgmental of people who are considered overweight? Why is it a problem for us curvy folks to be proud of our bodies? Why can't we post pictures of ourselves, too? Why should we have to be ashamed?

We shouldn't. Meghan has said again and again in previous videos and pictures how proud she is of her body and her curves. Yet, the rest of society deems her "inappropriate". Give me a freaking break.

Now, if you scroll through the comments on Meghan's video, you will see a lot of people thanking her. But you will also see disturbing comments from others, like this one:

Why would you want to post your disgusting body over the Internet? go lose some weight it's unhealthy and stop trying to encourage it.

Or this one:

Sorry, but I'm with Instagram on this one. I don't want to see your fat ass anymore than a lot of other people do.

Or this one:

If you abused the treadmill as much as your camera, you wouldn't have this problem in the first place.

Or this one:

Just lose weight..you are really fat..why cant you understand it??

The people who left these comments probably don't know that Meghan IS on a weight loss journey. Which is what makes their comments so obnoxious. She's lost about 70 lbs and has posted about her journey online. She WANTS to be healthy and has done a hell of a job. So who are these people to tell her that she needs to lose weight? Why do they think they can tell her she's "disgusting" ? 

This is a real problem. We need to stop telling people what they should look like. I am a fan of good health. I believe that all of us should be healthy. But to tell someone, who is already working hard to get there, that they are disgusting, is just wrong. We need to start accepting people as who they are. We need to stop being uncomfortable with bodies that are not "normal" in our eyes. We need to stop thinking that OUR view of beautiful and healthy is the ONLY view of beautiful and healthy.

Meghan sums it up best at the end of her video when she says "I'm sorry that I make you uncomfortable, but my body is not an apology". 

Meghan Tonjes is a singer songwriter originally from Michigan. She now lives in LA where she writes and plays music and makes weekly Youtube videos. Meghan has been featured on Ellen to speak up against bullying. She has a gorgeous voice. I have been following her Youtube videos since 2011 and support her on Patreon, which means I get new music from her each month. She is a fantastic singer, an intelligent and beautiful woman. Check out her Youtube channel for covers, original songs, Q & A's, and more. 


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