Thursday, May 1, 2014

Make Memories

It's May. Spring is here. And you guys, we have earned this sunshine.  This was the winter from hell, with record breaking cold and snowfall. Our days were dark and below freezing, our moods shifted, our patience ran thin. But we made it, and spring is here. Sunshine and bird chirps woke me up this morning, and I could not be happier about that.

Over the past 7 months, my dad has been encouraging us to "make memories". He also points out "simple miracles" in every day life. He gave me a talk down in Florida about putting my camera away and just enjoying the moments and making the memories in my mind. We joke that his brain surgery has given him this new wisdom, but surgery or not, he's right.

I vow to make this spring and summer a season of memories. This is the time- we were cooped up in our houses all winter, now we are free to roam.

I took a look at my May/June calendar this morning and was a little overwhelmed. Many of my weekends are booked with 5k's, Relay for Life, volunteering, softball games (I am playing on two leagues this year), parties, concerts, late night work meetings, weekend health fairs, etc.

But I should not feel overwhelmed. I should feel lucky. I am lucky to be able to have so many choices, to be participating in things that fuel my energy. Sure, I may be tired, but the memories, enthusiasm and gratitude I will gain will be more than worth the late nights.

So my challenge to you, if you are able, is to fill up your calendar. Take time for yourself, of course, and don't fill up your calendar with ONLY work things. Make time for fun, because you CAN. Some can't. Host a summer bbq, join a team, volunteer, go to art fairs and jazz festivals. Get out there and live, and make memories.

We can't waste the days that we have been given. We cannot let life pass us by without going on adventures.

There are people who would give anything to have the freedom that we do. There are people who are sick and can't leave their hospital room or home, there are people who don't have a penny to their name, there are people who are fighting overseas, FOR our freedom. Let's do it for them.

Let's make some memories.

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