Monday, May 26, 2014

Don't be Afraid To Be Happy.

So often we are lectured to be brave, to push away fear, and to accept that sometimes we will fail.

But what about those us who are afraid to be happy?

This is a real thing. I have seen it before my very own eyes. Some people are terrified to wind up happy or successful, so they purposely dodge it or sleep through life in order to stay comfortable and stay where they are. But you deserve so much more. You deserve to be happy. 

Maybe we are afraid because it isn't the norm. People are always saying they WANT to be happy, rarely do people express that they ARE happy. I think this is especially true for teens and young adults. We are portrayed as miserable in movies and songs, and everyone around us appears miserable, so we are too. But be different. Be happy. Happiness spreads like wildfire. Start a wildfire. Start a happiness revolution.

I think I used to be like this. I spent most of my life afraid and sad, and I didn't know HOW to be happy. So I just stayed sad. I ate to aide my hurt, and I didn't take care of myself because I simply didn't care. If I had known that happiness was comforting, and freeing, I wouldn't have wasted so many years of my life locked in my bedroom, afraid to face the outside world.

It is not selfish to be happy. You do not need to hide it. Others will envy you- some may try to break you, because they themselves cannot be happy. Ignore them. This is your life, and happiness has waited so long for you to accept it.

Do not be afraid to love yourself. Do not be afraid to love others. Love, my friends, is what brings each of us to life.

Embrace happiness- do not turn on it. Let it happen. You won't want to turn back once you realize how much brighter life is on this side of the grass.

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