Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weight loss Wednesday: surviving thanksgiving

My friends at work can tell you I'm really careful at parties and luncheons. I don't totally starve myself but I don't overdo it. 

But Thanksgiving is tomorrow and that day is pretty much centered around food.  And while I'd like to tell you I'm not worried about it, I'm worried About it. So that has forced me to come up with a plan.

First of all, I'm going to work out in the morning. My gym is closed but my parents have a treadmill so I'm going to do that. And do some core work. Maybe.

I'm also going to eat my normal breakfast  . I don't believe in starving myself all day and then binging for the meal. I'll eat some oatmeal and fruit in the am to get my metabolism going! 

I will eat a snack of raw veggies before we leave. I'll also have some waiting for me when we come home.

I'm going to drink a ton of water. Like, a ton.

I will do my best to avoid hor d'ourves, or at least the dangerous ones. 

For the meal I we serve myself a hefty slice of turkey and green beans. I will take small amounts of the rest.

I will participate in the flag football game and maybe actually even try to break a sweat. Usually I just kind of stand there. 

That's my plan, kids. We will see how it goes. I plan on having a glass of wine or two so I really do need to be careful on my calorie watch.

In other news, I DID finally beat my weight loss plateau and am now down a total of 27lbs. I also saw my doctor and my blood pressure was the lowest it's been in over a year. She was really excited about that! And, my clothes are falling off. Like literally. All of these things are excellent reminders that I'm on my way to reaching my goal.

When I hit 50lbs I think I'll have a party to celebrate. You're all invited.

Happy thanksgiving, I am off to enjoy thanksgiving eve by having sushi with my boyfriend and then head to my parents house for the night so we can drive together tomorrow. I will be posting tomorrow, but in the meantime go hug your family and enjoy your time with them!

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