Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Pink

I'm a very lucky gal. My boyfriend surprised me with tickets to see Pink tomorrow night. She's one of my favorite artists but I have never been able to see her live, and now I am! I'm so excited.

Pink has some really good songs. Like, some really amazing songs. Most people don't hear them because they are typically not her singles (although we did get Try and Just Give Me A Reason as radio hits!). But for the most part, a lot of her best stuff goes unheard, unless you own her albums. So I've decided to treat you to my 10 favorite Pink songs. Some you've all heard, some you may not have. Sit back and enjoy this Tuesday tunes.

10. Who Knew. I'm sort of sick of this song now, but I still like to belt it.

9. Misery: an awesome duet with Steven Tyler.

8. Funhouse.

7. Try. The message behind the song as well as the emotion she puts into it makes it a gorgeous song.

6. Long Way To Happy. Always loved this song. Pink has had some issues.

5.  Just Give Me A Reason. How can you not love this song? Both Pink and Nate Ruess are flawless on this track!

4. Don't Let Me Get Me. A little old school Pink for ya. I loved this song back when it was big. Mostly because I was an awkward freshman in high school and I felt like this song defined me. Also, when I had to do a project in college about my adolescence, I referenced this song.

The Great Escape is from her latest album and it's just goregouse.

2. The One That Got Away. No words, just listen.

1. Glitter in the Air. Her most beautiful song, hands down.

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