Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well kids, it's happened.

I have hit some sort of weird weight loss plateau.

I am not gaining weight, but I'm not losing any either.  And it's so frustrating that I'd love to punch a wall right now.

The most frustrating part is that I am still kicking my own ass. Actually, I'm working even harder. I am burning 500+ calories at the gym and being even more careful about what I'm eating. And yet I'm not moving on the scale. At all. Like, not even an ounce.

I have a pretty solid team of people working with me to try to figure out what's going on. The Sola people are getting me into new exercises, wondering if my body is just too comfortable with what I'm doing. I am seeing my doctor Monday and she is going to run some blood tests. My other doctor is watching closely to see if the new medication she put me on is the root of this.

But I'm still insanely frustrated. It's like nothing I do is making me drop any weight. I also feel really bloated, which makes no sense because I have cut my sodium and increased my water intake.

I am certainly not going to give up, but this is very disheartening. I was on this great roll of losing 1-2lbs a week, and now I've just stopped. It's crushing me.

I'd tell you that it's okay because I feel better, which I do, but like I said I also feel super bloated, a problem I had not been having previously. It's uncomfortable and annoying.

I am not going to let my 25 lbs go down the drain. We have to figure this out. But in the meantime, you have a very frustrated, disheartened Megan on your hands. I am still going to the gym 4-5 times a week, working my tushie off, and I will still watch what I eat, but darn it, I'm allowed to be upset. (Hint: don't tell me not to be upset or frustrated. I can't help what I feel).

I am hoping and praying we figure out what's going on here, because if I go much longer without losing even an ounce, it won't be good for my psyche.

Has anyone else on their weight loss journey gone through something similar? How did you get through it?


Unknown said... Add Reply

Last year, when I was training for a marathon, I started also working on my diet as well. I was counting calories and running 3-5 days a week, plus some cross training exercises as well. I ended up losing 17 pounds, but after that, I also hit a plateau. It already sounds like the Sola fitness people are helping you out with this, but I found that I had to incorporate a lot of different exercises to start losing more weight. The most important being strength training. I'm not sure what all you are already doing, but at the point I was at, I needed to start building more muscle before I could start losing more fat. Once I started lifting some weights and doing other body-weight exercises, I was able to start losing a bit more weight. (I have since done a really bad job with exercise and diet, but last year was great!)

I hope this helps and that I wasn't just repeating everything that everyone else has already told you :) Good luck! And you're amazing!


Rob-bear said... Add Reply

I'm so sorry this is not working for you. And I hope you can find a plan which will invigorate you.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Shari said... Add Reply

I wish I had some kind of helpful advice, but just know that I'm still cheering you on!