Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pink: Truth About Love Tour

I am sure I thoroughly annoyed all my Twitter and Instagram followers last night with my concert tweets/videos, but YOU GUYS.

That was not like any concert I've ever attended. How many artists can truly sing live while being catapulted through the air and flipping about? Not many. And how do I know she is singing live? Well, for starters, she'd often stop to breathe and the singing would stop too (except her background singers). Secondly, there's a pretty famous video on youtube of Pink falling during one of her stunts, and the singing totally stops. That's proof right there.

The entire show was centered around love. Which makes sense, being that her latest album was titled Truth About Love. The concert was very theatrical, weaving stories of love in between the songs. They didn't just focus on the sweet, lovey dovey type, either. They talked about sensual love, love that frustrates you, heartbreak, and, my favorite, loving yourself. Some of the final words spoken to us by the Ringmaster (yes, there was a ringmaster) were "We all know you cannot love another person until you love yourself".

I knew it was going to be a great show from the start. The Ringmaster came on the stage and got everyone excited, and then said he needed someone from the audience to come on the stage. He pointed to a section and the cameras zoomed into Pink, just sitting in the audience. The lights went dark and a few minutes later, she came flying out from under the stage, attached to ropes and wires, flipping in the air above the stage while singing "Raise Your Glass". I kept hitting Tom and screaming "OH MY GOD". I had never, truly, seen anything like that before.

Pink continued the spectacle by singing songs everyone knows, like "Just Like A Pill" and also cuts from her latest album, like "All We Are We Are". The choreography, stage set up, dancers, band and background singers were all flawless. Here are some of my absolute favorite moments from the show:

Try. This song is super powerful on its own, but for the concert Pink did acrobats, plus she and a male dancer did the actual choreography from the music video. I found a great quality video from another concert. Watch for yourselves and be amazed.

The Great Escape. Detroit was only the third show where Pink played the full song on piano. Before starting she admitted she was terrified, but she nailed it! Here she is doing it at another concert stop, but before she fully learned the song and had a few boo boo's, letting her piano player take over at the end.

Sober. This one was full on acrobats, as they put her in a wire cage and she flipped and spun around. The choreography for this matched perfectly for the mood and lyrics of the song. Here's a video from Orlando. Fast forward to about 45 seconds in to get the start of the song.

So What. Pink closes the show with this tune, and I really can't explain it to you, you just have to see it.

So now you have a little taste of the show I was truly blessed to witness last night. Pink is an artist you see live, no questions asked. Go see this show. I'm going to be on a concert high for a very long time from this!


Samantha May said... Add Reply

Pink is so awesome! I'd love to see her in concert some time. Have you heard her cover of Bohemian Rhapsody? It's PHENOMENAL!

Jacquie said... Add Reply

I love Pink!! I would love to see her in concert sometime!