Monday, November 18, 2013

Please don't go shopping on Thanksgiving.

The biggest lesson I have learned in the past few months is this: Life moves too quickly. Suddenly things can happen and your entire world can be changed and you may have missed an amazing opportunity.

Thanksgiving is one of the rare days in a year that is focused totally on family. No matter who your family may be- parents, siblings, roommates, friends,'s a day devoted to spending time with them and appreciating the blessings in your life.

Please do not go shopping on Thanksgiving. The fact that these stores are opening to push their sales and to make money is disgusting. We now live in a culture where shopping is more valued than family time. It's sad. Now the store employees are being called to work because corporations are being selfish and forcing stores to open on Thanksgiving so that they can compete with one another and make more cash. I want to walk up to corporate buildings of these stores and slap CEO's on the head. While that CEO is enjoying a slice of apple pie with his family, because Lord knows HE won't be working, his store associates will be doing crowd control so shoppers don't beat each other to death over the PS4. That, my friends, is not the spirit of Thanksgiving.

The problem isn't just the company itself, though. I mean, they should have better morals, but obviously enough customers pushed for this that it happened. I get that people want to go grab hot items while they can. They want to buy toys and games for their kids at the best price possible. They want a deal. Wake up, people. The best deal you've been given is the gift of your family. Try, for a second, to see past all the material things and realize that your family is here now, and they won't be forever. Instead of chowing down your food and driving to the closest Target, please talk to your cousin about how her first year of college is going, throw a football around with your brother in law, share a glass of wine with grandma. Hold your nieces and nephews. Do a puzzle with your dad. Call your best friend and remind them how thankful you are for them. Say a prayer of gratitude. Bring your leftovers to your neighbors house. Invite a stranger into your family. But please, please, don't go shopping on Thanksgiving.

Personally, there's nothing I'd rather do than be with my family on Thanksgiving. I work in healthcare and rarely get days off. I won't be off at all on Black Friday, Christmas Eve, or New Year's Eve. Having Thanksgiving off is a blessing for me, and I will be spending it with my family. You won't be able to pull me away from my nephew. And I wouldn't want it any other way.

Sidenote: Kudos to Costco, Nordstorm, and the other stores that so far refuse to open on Thanksgiving. Extra sweet potato casserole for each of you.


Shari said... Add Reply

I couldn't agree more. It just boggles my mind how anyone could ever choose shopping, could ever choose a deal on something material, over the joy and warmth of family. Better to count all our blessings!

Gracie Calvaneso said... Add Reply

I love this post!! I completely agree!

Karen Datangel said... Add Reply

Totally agree!

Dee @ A Deecoded Life said... Add Reply

Bravo! Wonderful post! Family should always come first.