Tuesday, January 19, 2010

just keep swimming :)

I think I'm out of the funk. Yeah, I know that was fast. Thank God. THANK GOD. If that was a typical Megan funk, it could have lasted months.

What frustrated me the most was that I feel like I had been growing and changing so much, and suddenly I was at a halt, as if a giant wall of gloom hit me in the face. I don't know what it was, I just know that in those 48 hours I was trapped in a place I thought I had left behind forever. With the help of some amazing friends, I learned that sometimes in life you have to hit a wall. It reminded me that I AM stronger, because instead of sliding down the wall and leaning up against it, I pushed it down. Walls aren't put up to stop us from living....they are there for us to knock down...to keep learning, keep growing. This life is full of choices, it's all about making the right ones. In the end, it's not about the wall, it's about how you defeat it.

I've talked about walls for too long now. Let's talk about friends. I have some amazing ones. Within a matter of minutes of posting my blog last night, I had people offering advice, a shoulder to cry on, reminders that they are here for me. I reflected a lot today on friendships and how funny they are- some of them come out of nowhere. Some people just stay in our lives for a reason. I have people I can count on, people I can always call and who will be my friend forever. I feel lucky to have that. A perfect example is my friendship with Sam. I was talking to someone about this today...sometimes I wonder what the HELL I was in a sorority for. I mean, besides some good memories and a few friendships, it essentially brought out the worst in me....but then I think...God led me to Delta Gamma to meet Sam. I would have never met her ,had I quit, or never joined at all. DG went down the dump just a week after we became besties...which leads me to believe that it is the reason I joined. Sam is one of the only people in my life who knows everything about me, and accepts me for it. Not only does she accept it, but she UNDERSTANDS me. Everything about me...without faking it or trying to hard. She just DOES. I really don't know how lucky I am to be best friends with someone like her.

I'm also incredibly blessed by my roomies, students and my co-workers. My roomies have been so supportive and are always making sure I'm okay and if I need anything. When our principal made the announcement of Laurence's passing, I heard an entire student body gasp. I got chills...the hugs that followed throughout the day were just what I needed and reminded me how much I love these kids. My co-workers were so amazing to me today....asking if I was okay, shoulder squeezes, hugs. I love this job.

day 19 → a talent of yours
I don't really have a talent, to be honest. Unless you count writing, which..well..you just read an entire blog entry of mine. I think you're read-out.

I leave you with this: If there is something blocking you from making your dreams a reality, or from being happy, knock it down. You got this. I'm cheering you on.


Anonymous said... Add Reply

No talent?
I'm sorry, but I do believe that is the most insane thing I have ever heard you say. LOL.
Your writing is so far beyond anything a 22-year-old should write, it's eerie.
Being able to connect with and show compassion for teenagers to the degree that a fourteen or fifteen-year-old would call you a saint . . . IS A TALENT!
You write music, thus you are musically inclined.
You have a talent for tribure/I Love You videos/collages/compilations. Those make people cry from happiness.
I don't know what to call this one talent you have, except maybe a talent of perspective. You have a compassion and wisdom, and a way of putting things together that is magical.
You also have mad organizational skills. You were about to throw a benefit concert one time! Unreal.
Those are just the ones off the top of my head.

Shari said... Add Reply

I'm just going to say "ditto" to every single thing Jena wrote. Not only are you beyond talented, but you inspire all of us to follow our dreams every single day. Thank you for that :)

Unknown said... Add Reply

Megan!! Always making me cry with your kind words about me!! I wish everyone understood us like we understand each other. <3 and on that note I am SO GLAD u have such a great support with your roommates. I know living with people can be really hard but having great people makes it easier. and no NO TALENT? Youchange peoples lives everyday!! You talented in many ways!! Like what everyone else said you writing is amazing, you song writing is just as amazing!! Your a wonderful person.