Friday, January 22, 2010

a beautiful distraction

I'm watching Hope For Haiti right now with my parents, and my heart is breaking into a thousand little pieces. What a devastating, terrible situation. The orphans...if I had the money, I would adopt. I wish I could go over to Haiti right now and help. Dave, Katie, Nate and myself gave $100, but I just wish there was more. If you have the money, the ability...please donate. They need us.

Another heartbreaking story of of my kids is leaving the school. Not my choice, not her choice. Poor family situation. The kid is SUCH an amazing young woman. I've seen her grow this year, I've wiped her tears from her face when she gave a bone chilling speech after her step father was killed. She's smart, she takes care of herself, she never gets in trouble. She could go so her mom is saying she's not sure if she will even put her in another school. Um, that's illegal. I wish I could have a few words with these parents sometimes. Anyways, as this student was leaving, she was hugging her friends and crying. She gave me a big hug and squeezed so tight. I told her to email me, be good, and live her dreams. God, I hope she's okay.

After school I drove to my parents house for the will be easier to stay here and transport back and forth from Ann Arbor for the funeral services. I stopped by my mom's classroom to meet her kids and help with art. It was fun, but I know I could never work with kids that young all day. It's super stressful. I did have fun, though. After school when we were walking out I saw the precious Francesca. Francesca is the youngest of a family that my mom taught and I babysat. When I babysat for them, she was a baby. Now she's in 3rd grade...Francesca has taken a particular interest in Laurence's mission. She donated her hair to locks of love in his name, raised money, prayed for him...she is having a birthday party this Saturday and asking for her friends to bring donations for Nothing But Nets instead of presents. She's just an amazing kid, and it is so evident how much Laurence has influenced her life. When I saw her I just ran up and hugged her. I am so touched by everything she has done, and am positive she is going to make a huge difference in this world. I'm very glad she is a part of our family's life.

My girls were playing basketball near my house, so my dad and I went to cheer them on- except the time of the game had been changed without me we showed up as it was ending. They won (45-19) but I'm sad I didn't get to cheer for them. I did get to chat with them for a few minutes. Love my kids.

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