Saturday, January 16, 2010

rest sweetly, laurence.

First, an announcement about my special project. I need as MANY contributions for this as possible, so please pass this around:

I am going to be making a video in Laurence's memory. Please take a picture of yourself holding up a sign that says something to Laurence (express your love, tell him how much he inspired you, what you're doing to do to live out his mission...use song lyrics or a bible verse. Be creative!) and email your pictures to me at . spread the word!

It doesn't matter if you knew Laurence. Just please submit something. Thanks.

On Friday morning I woke up with a bad feeling. As I headed off to Ohio to visit my Gem, I had an overwhelming feeling of anxiety about Laurence. I began to cry just thinking about it. I pulled over to use the restroom and when I got back in the car I noticed I had a missed call from my dad. I immediatley called him back, because I thought it was "the call". I was wrong, he was just checking up on me. I breathed a litle easier and kept driving. About 1/2 hour later, my dad called back.

"He passed away".

Tears. Immediatley. I couldn't stop. I knew it. I just KNEW it. Although I wasn't in shock, the news of this amazing person leaving us hit my heart...hard. I called Gem to let her know, and to tell her I was still coming but could leave at any time if something went down this weekend. Next person I called was Sam. Held my tears in for her and was thankful as her gracious heart told me if I needed ANYTHING to let her know. Next call was my mom....that's when I turned into a mess. Sobbing. I pulled over to send texts, asking Des to alert the backups and telling my roomates and closest friends. I started driving again and every single time I got a new text or phone call, I cried some more. I drove the rest of the way in tears, listening to music but not really hearing the songs.

It's a day later and my heart is still in pieces, even though I know he's in a better place. Through all the phone calls, texts, hugs from Gem, FB messages, tweets, posts, I'm making it. I tried to write this morning, and these are the three things I came up with:

"Close your eyes
Take one last breath
Take His hand, rest in His arms
We may not get it
But He needs you now
To protect the fearful
And save the fallen
To smile for the depressed
And heal the broken
The hearts you touched
Will miss you deeply
But those hearts are whole
Knowing the difference you've made
Your light keeps shining
Your presence we still feel
You'll always be apart of us
Now you're just one step ahead"

One person's spark
Can light the whole world
Yours was so bright
It will never go out
You may be gone
But it still shines on
Into the hearts of those in pain
Those full of fear and hate
I herby swear to live life for you
With you in my heart
And you watching over me
Keep on guiding, I know you will
Show us the way
Miss your gentle soul
I won't forget you
I love you, rest sweetly.

Dear World,
You should know that we lost a great one today. Laurence Carolin put his heart and soul into living his life for others. He raised awareness, he educated, and he inspired. At the age of 13, Laurence was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. Laurence used this to reach out to others. He raised awareness on poverty and disease in Africa and encouraged others to donate what they could. The things he did in his short life are more than most people dream of doing. God had to take Laurence away today. He took him peacefully, to release him from his struggles. It's okay, don't be mad. He was once an angel walking on earth, but now God needs him upstairs. Laurence was placed on this earth for a reason, and now he'll be up there, protecting us from pain. He may be gone, but his mission will live on forever. Right now Laurence is safely in the arms of his grandpa Jim, and I am positive that he is watching over the people of Haiti and gathering a team of angels to help them out. I'm positive that my good friend Amanda Jones is laughing with Laurence and holding his hand, as they watch over all the young children suffering from cancer on earth. I truly believe that if everyone was 1/2 the person Laurence was, things wouldn't be so bad. It is our duty to "carry each other, sisters and brothers". So I ask you, world, what are you going to do to be a little bit more like Laurence Carolin? Love and Blessings, Megan

You guys, thank you so much for your support. I'm sure there is more writing coming soon. I love you.


Shari said... Add Reply

Awww, Megan <3

Just by reading what you wrote about him, I've been able to tell what a truly special person Laurence was. There's no doubt that he made this world a better place, and it's very easy to see how much he touched your life. I am so, so sorry for your loss ... you and your family are in my thoughts <3

Oh, and what you wrote for Laurence ... they're just beyond beautiful. I have no doubt that anyone who reads them will get chills.

Many hugs coming your way <3

Desiree said... Add Reply

The words you wrote for Laurence are beautiful. Sending hugs and love your way.

Anonymous said... Add Reply

I didn't get to know Laurence personally, but your beautiful words made him real, Megan, in a way I can't explain. I am so sorry for your loss and your pain, and your family is in my prayers. But the brilliance of a soul lit by selfless compassion for fellow man has not dimmed, it has grown brighter. Tonight it merely shines from a different place.

Thank you for teaching us, Laurence, thank you so much.

babz019 said... Add Reply


Your words about Laurence are beautiful. He truly was an angel and his impact will be remembered by many for years to come.

You and your family are in my prayers.


Unknown said... Add Reply

Megan. Laurence was such an amazing person, and you are soo right even if HALF the people in the world we are given as Laurence the world would be such a better place. Your so right about Amanda and him being together. I can soo see that as well. I love you and if you need anything PLEASE CALL ME. Love you!!

Cathy said... Add Reply

Peace is now with Laurence...I pray that you too will find peace through celebrating his amazing life. Love and hugs to you Megan.