Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11 → A photo of you taken recently

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This is me on New Year's eve.

I don't have much to say today (since it's only 9 am and nothing exciting has happened yet...) so I'm going to post something I wrote yesterday, and maybe edit this post later.

Desperate for a change
All eyes on you, watching your next step
You just want to break away
Heart is heavy, thoughts are racing
Just be still for a moment
And listen to me
Through this mess, you’re going to make it
Protect your precious heart from the dangers
But don’t block out the ones who care
There’s no stopping now Keep passing through

The night falls and your alone again
Sun rises and it’s the same damn thing
Don’t even know how to feel
So confused, lost in this shuffle
People all around, but none of them real enough to touch
All you want to do is shout out
But you’ve got to keep this up
You can break out, get away from this dungeon
Don’t hold back, you’re destined to be great
You’re changing lives (you’ve already changed mine)
I can see the light is shining, shining so bright for you
Keep on moving and you’ll see it too

Have a good day.


Megan Malinowski said... Add Reply

did you get a hair cut?
it looks pretty :)

and lovely post!

babz019 said... Add Reply

You look awesome!! So proud of you!

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