Thursday, January 14, 2010

find your freedom in the music

I'm sure people are waiting for my review for GAGA. Even my kids were excited to hear about it today. One of my students who DESPISES Lady Gaga knew how excited I was for the concert. When I walked in today she jumped off the bleachers and ran, asking how it was. Here's the thing...I can only say so many words about this concert. Incredible. Unbelievable. Amazing. Outstanding. I don't feel like anything I say will give it justice. Lady Gaga GETS it. She is a true artist and despite what people think about her, she's a genius. Her love and passion for music and performing were even more obvious last night when she took the stage. She also clearly absolutely adores her fans. She told us how much she loved us after almost every song, and promised a second leg...but better, because "her fans deserve better". She's also hilarious...yeah she's a little cray cray but that's what makes her so amazing. Also, this is definatley an R-Rated show. Nothing compared to Britney's antics, but Gaga dropped the f-bomb quite a few times. Do not bring your kids to this show. That would be a fail.

My favorite quotes from the banter:

"Do you think I'm sexy? I think you're sexy. Whenever people say 'why are you doing this' I say 'because my fans are sexy".

"I created The Monster Ball so my fans would have a place to go. Where all the FREAKS are outside and we lock the f-ing door".

"I was just a little girl from NYC who no one believed in. I wanted to make the kind of music my heavy metal boyfriends would hate. Soon I became a little girl...who wrote a hit song" ::cue Poker Face::

"I love coming to Detroit because you all have a bud light in one hand and a cigarette in the other. F-ing hippies. Here's to my favorite party city."

As far as my favorite performances, that's tough. Speechless, Brown Eyes, and Paparazzi are my favorite songs of hers. She didn't perform Brown Eyes, but the other two were incredible. I got chills during Speechless and I'm pretty sure she was wiping away tears. Paparazzi was crazy and amazing. I also love Bad Romance, which she closed the show with. Other hi lights for me were Alejandro, Monster, and Beautiful Dirty Rich.

If you ever get a chance to go see Gaga, you must. She is a performer, a songwriter, and an ARTIST. Even a casual fan of hers would fall in love with this show.

I would like to thank Dean for these tickets, this was one of the most incredible concerts I have been and probably will ever go to. I <3 you Dean!

Today is back to reality. I'm really excited because a good family friend (also my old English teacher) is coming to present on Davenport University today. Tomorrow I leave for Ohio :) Life is good.


babz019 said... Add Reply

yay!!! so glad you had such a wonderful time! I'm not a gaga fan, but it seems like she puts on a good show. Have fun this weekend!!

Dean said... Add Reply

Thank you for expressing in words what I have been unable to say. Gaga left me Speechless!

And I <3 you too! So so so glad we could all experience Gaga together. What an incredible night!