Tuesday, January 12, 2010

love uncompromised

Day 12 → Whatever tickles your fancy

Well, it's Tuesday. That means new music. So, ladies and gents, I present to you some new music.

First of all, my favorite band ever released a 3 track single today....I'm hoping for an EP or a new album soon. Here are two of the songs that they released. The third one is called "Good Graces, Bad Influence". Also, bonus because I could download the mp3's off their website, get a hard copy, AND get their new thsirt for only $10 total. Check out . Anyways, here are the tunes:

Also, Jason MF Castro FINALLY released his EP, Love Uncompromised. It is everything I expected for him and I am in love with it. Jason makes the kind of music I'm really into. I'm so happy for him and I hope that this picks up well. With the right kind of marketing, I think it could. He's touring with Matt Hires right now, who is also in his genre. Jason's full album comes out in March, and you better believe I pre-ordered that baby. Here is one of the songs off the EP, called "Sweet Medicine".

Another one of my favorite bands, All Time Low, released their unplugged MTV album. I love it <3 Here's one of their songs:

So, Season 9 of Idol starts tonight. As a crazy Idol fan, you'd think I'd be a little more excited. I'm going to watch tonight (and have a few people coming over), but I can't see myself getting emotionally attached. Even though I wrote for the Detroit News about it last year, I still had no attachments. I will support Allison and Matt, but that's about it. Unless someone is a combination of Melinda and Chikezie, I just can't see it. Also, I do think that Idol is OVER after this season because Simon is not returning. Honestly, I'm glad. Yes it's sad and there goes eight years of memories, but it's time. It's been fun...but no one can replace Simon. The contestants and the votes depend on HIS opinion. No one could be quite what Simon is.

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Lindsay said... Add Reply

one mega two mega three megarina :)

every once in awhile i remember to check up on your blog and end up reading allll the entries i missed. i love it... i miss you :)

the new spill canvas stuff is good! kind of different, but in a good way :) it's like... bouncier or something i don't know.

love, boo/poplo