Saturday, February 1, 2014


My life is about to change.

I have been offered and accepted an exciting position at the American Cancer Society.

I purchased a new car (Ford Fusion) because my dad can drive again soon and needs his car back. My little cavalier that died is going to be donated to Mother Waddles for a tax write off.

We are getting a new roommate at the end of February because Lauren is moving out.

And I need to join a new gym, because my current one, as much as I love it, is on the opposite side of town as my new job and I can't justify driving 45 minutes out of my way.

That's a lot of new, all at once. It's overwhelming, but it's exciting. I woke up energized and excited today.

I tend to hide a little with new changes. I get extremely anxious, so I like to make sure I have every piece of the puzzle put together so that I feel confident and ready.

I'm also scared. I think that comes with any new job or new beginning. I remember how scared I was to begin my job with Great Lakes. It's not easy closing a chapter and jumping head first into a new one, not exactly knowing what to expect. I worry that I will fail or disappoint.

The next two weeks will be weird. I'll be busy, trying to make sure everything is put in place at Great Lakes so that it can be a smooth transition. But it will also be emotional, and I will be processing all of my feelings and thoughts while trying to work.

People from my branch office don't quit very often. In fact, I am the first in a year and a half to do so. It's going to be tough to leave my friends and my volunteers. When I started that job, I was 23 and extremely shy. I was unsure of myself and uncomfortable in most social situations.With the help of my coworkers and job responsibility's, I grew out of that. I grew up. I am not the same person that I was when I began that job. I am stronger, more open minded, and confident.

The people that I work with are incredible. I cannot say enough great things about them. Each and every day, I realize how lucky I am to witness such wonderful people care for their patients. I am really going to miss my friends, my mentors, my supervisors.

I don't know how I will be these next few weeks. I don't know how my writing will be affected. I don't know if I will go into hiding or not. I just know I'm scared, excited, sad, and happy all at once. My life is about to change.

Sidenote, but Someone joked with Tom that maybe with all these new things I'll get a new relationship and dump him. They were joking, and Tom knows that, but I was slightly offended for him, and for me I guess. Tom is my best friend and I want him by my side through these changes and beyond. To think otherwise is silly. He's the greatest. I was nervous yesterday, signing the papers and driving away in my very first car purchase, but having him sit next to me through it, calm as can  be, helped me tremendously. He's not going anywhere.

Wish me luck while I navigate through this bumpy, but exciting, ride!

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