Thursday, February 27, 2014


I was just casually eating my dinner today, checking my social media accounts when I noticed I had a comment from DOVE on Instagram. Yes, Dove, like, the soap. 

The comment was under my "no makeup selfie", a campaign run by the Today Show this past Monday. The comment directed me to check my direct messages. I forgot Instagram even had direct messages. When I finally figured out how to check them, here is what I found. 

My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe they took the time to HAND WRITE a note to me. I did some digging and I did find some others who received messages, but all of them are different, and personal. They are unique to the kind of pictures each person posts.

It is honestly one of the nicest, sweetest things anyone has ever said to me. And it's a hell of a marketing tool. It led me to follow them on Instagramn and Twitter and to go to their website. So bravo, dove. If this is all for marketing, it worked. 

But I don't really care if they are using me for marketing. It's still a nice thing to do. What Dove is doing by sending me and others these personal, hand written notes is spreading love. They made me feel special, and beautiful.

All along my weight loss journey I have said how I want to inspire others. I want to help other girls like me to know their worth and to see their beauty and potential.

I think Dove and I are on the same track. Way to go, Dove. You have me on your side. Let's keep spreading love and positive thoughts.