Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

My mind has been so scattered lately, I totally forgot it was Wednesday. Here I was pondering what to write about...silly Megan, it's weight loss Wednesday day!

I have lost 39.4 lbs total. Can we round up to 40? :)

I think I lost most of the weight just because I have been so sick and pretty much just eating soup for a few days. I'm actually still not 100%. I'm much better, and don't feel so tired and achey, but I still have to take Mucinex and do a sinus rinse twice a day. I'm hoping once the weather gets a little warmer, I can kick it. But then of course, I'll probably get spring allergies. I have a doctors appointment in March, and am going to talk to them about my frequent sinus issues. Maybe there is something they can do for me. Or maybe I should be taking Claritin frequently. Someone else suggested acupuncture. Anyone else have any experience with frequent sinus infections?

I didn't work out for a whole week, letting my body fight off the illness. I finally feel okay enough to work out, but I am taking it very easy. Just doing a slow mile walk, 10 slow minutes on the elliptical. I don't want to relapse or damage my lungs. And, of course, I am fueling my body with water. I drink almost double what I am supposed to drink. Just want to flush everything out!

Because I've been taking it easy, I haven't noticed any major changes in my body. However, my clothes are all falling off. I had to get new jeans, and got a size 16. The last time I wore a size 16 jeans, I was 18 years old. I am so excited about this! It thrills me to no end that there is a possbility I won't have to shop at plus size stores anymore. My work pants are all falling off me, and I am getting them altered to fit me better. It's a good problem to have.

My trip to Florida is coming up in a few months and I know all my spring clothes will be too big on me. I will have to shop the deals to get new outfits and a new bathing suit. Like I said, a good problem to have.

I really want to hit the 50 lb mark by my Florida trip.

Lots of love!

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