Tuesday, February 4, 2014

10 years of Facebook

Can you guys believe it? Facebook has been around for 10 whole years now. I was 16 when Mark Zuckerberg and pals sat in their college dorm room and created Facebook. It's hard to believe that it has lasted this long with all the other social media outlets out there. But I think Mark got it right. Facebook is special. 

I joined when I stared college, which was what Facebook was originally created for: college kids. You could only join if you has a college email address. It was fun to find people from your classes and dorm and to post pictures from sorority recruitment and parties. It was hilarious to post things on each other's walls and, of course, the epic "poke" wars. It was cool to keep up with your high school friends.

But for a while, that's all it was, was fun. Somewhat addicting, but nothing life changing. At least, not for me.

Facebook didn't actually get "special" until recently. I've always loved posting and keeping up with people, but this year, I saw the true magic of Facebook when over 400 people joined a prayer page for my dad. Some were friends of mine, others were people I did not know at all. Every post had plenty of comments and likes, and the love and prayers truly shined through. It was one of the coolest things I've ever witnessed, and a prime example of the positive affects of Facebook. I have very strong lovey dovey feelings for every single person on that Facebook page.

I post a lot on Facebook. Some may say I post too much on Facebook. But, for the most part, I try to keep it positive and post about good things like my weight loss, my blog, my dad, etc. sure I complain sometimes about the weather, getting sick, or other icky things but I really try to keep it positive and leave positive thoughts on my friends pages. 

I know Facebook can be negative. Just today I deleted someone who was posting too many girl fight videos and posting risqué pictures of herself. I don't support that. But I choose to get rid of the negative and focus on the positive.

Cheers to you, Facebook! Here's to many more years of spreading positivity! 

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