Monday, February 24, 2014

Weight loss....Monday

I'm going to be traveling for work this week and since I missed last weeks weight loss Wednesday I wanted to be sure that I posted this week.

Welp. I had to quit Sola. If you have been reading my journey from the beginning you know that Sola was my gym, and, in my humble opinion, the best gym around. I will probably always say that. The tools and resources that they gave me have forever changed my life. The people are incredibly kind, smart, and supportive. My morning workout gals were fun and full of encouragement. When I first joined, I had no idea what to expect. I was so scared of failing. But I began to see results, and I kept going. I hit a few plateaus along the way but the people of Sola helped me get through them. That place will always hold a very special place in my heart.

So now I am a member of my local YMCA. And while it's not quite Sola, it has the same machines, plenty of classes, and a pool. It is also exactly 2 minutes away from my house...which means... I no longer have to wake up at 5am! I don't have to be at work until 8:30, and the gym is just 10 minutes from work. How exciting!

So I bet you wanna know how much weight I've lost.

Things these past couple weeks have been insane. I finally recovered from bronchitis, I started a new job and I joined a new gym. With all of that being said, I did drop a few lbs and that makes a total of 45.5 lbs. 

You guys. I am SO close to 50! I am going to have a celebration dinner when I get there. I am not going to go crazy or do anything stupid, just gonna keep doing what I do.

Someone wanted me to share some recipes on here, and I'll be sure to do that next week. I will compile some of my favorites! 

I want to thank Tom for being a member at Sola with me from July to March. Working out with you in the mornings was the best part of my day. Even though well be in different venues now, you are atill my "oomph". Let's do this!

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