Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You Pulled Me Through

I am asking all of you to pray for my sweet friend Alyssa. Her father passed away today, after a struggle with heart problems. Alyssa is one of the strongest people I know, and although she is younger than me she inspires me greatly. I hope that she knows how loved and supported she is, I cannot imagine the pain she is feeling right now. I pray that God comforts Alyssa and her family during this tragic time. I love you sweet little Alyssa!

With that being sad, I am asking all of you to reach out to your family members and friends today and tell them that you love them. You never know when something tragic could happen, they need to know that you appreciate them. Give someone a hug. Hold on to the ones that care, cuz in the end you know they'll always be there. (Name that song).

Today I am thankful for:

-Funny moments with my students. Seriously, they say the funniest things sometimes. I wish I could remember something specific but I am drawing a blank.
-My education. I am lucky to have recieved excellent education because of my parents sacrifices. It upsets me that I didn't always realize just how lucky I was until recently.
-Living in Detroit. It's opening my eyes up to so many things- the good, the bad, the scary, the life changing. Before this experience I never stepped foot down here unless I was going to a concert or a sporting event. I love it here. I am learning so much more!
-The freedom to do whatever the heck I want to do with my life. Even though I have no idea what I want to do and it stresses me out, I know that I could do whatever I wanted, because I live in this great country. I know it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but I'm up for that.
-Music! Today is Tuesday, which means new music release day.... Carrie Underwood, Say Anything, Weeze, Glee!, Steven Curtis Chapman. What were your picks? Anything good?
-Recognizing that I can write out my feelings. I love teaching this in my creative writing class. Today they wrote letters to the person they most want to see in this world. One of my students wrote a letter to her mom, whom she is very close to but rarely sees. It was so sad.

Tonight's person is Melinda Doolittle. I chose her for tonight for a few reasons : 1. I miss the heck out of her. 2. She responded immediatley to my message about Alyssa. 3. She wrote a sweet message to Laurence. I love this woman. Her sweet compassion toward every single person she comes in contact with is absolutley overwhelming. She has gone above and beyond in the things she has done for me and so many others. She has brought faith back into my life, she's brought peace into my heart and a smile on my face. She has taught me to dream big, to accept and love myself, to take a step of faith, to take things little baby steps at a time, to appreciate, to understand. She has been a mentor and and inspiration, and honestly I don't know where I would be without her. She has brought some of the most amazing friends I will ever have into my life. Those people have picked me up over the roughest obstacles, I would have never known them without her. Okay, and do I even have to mention her VOICE? Sweet Lord, she is vocal perfection. No, I am not exagerating. I will even post a video so you can see for yourself. Melinda, thank you for being my mama. Thank you for your gift of music. Thank you for being an inspiration and a role model. Thank you for changing my heart. Thank you for paving the way. Thank you for calling me Meggie. Thank you for giving me the confidence I need. I love you so much Mama!

First I'll post her singing. This is "Home", a song she is known for. It gives me chills.

Here is the song that reminds me of her!


Shari said... Add Reply

Continued thoughts and prayers going Alyssa's way ... I'm with you, my heart just breaks for her :(

And I have to tell you that your entire explanation of why Melinda is so special to you made me teary-eyed. You have such a talent for taking emotions and putting them into words, and what you wrote could so easily be the motto for all the Backups when we try to explain the impact Melinda's had on us all. In case you were wondering, you are a phenomenal writer ;-)

Anonymous said... Add Reply

Wonderful but you can't refuse this! LOL



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