Saturday, November 21, 2009

music meme

Pick ten (of MY current) favorite bands/musicians. List the first song you ever heard of theirs, the song you fell in love with, and your current favorite song.

1. The Spill Canvas
First: Sunsets and Car Crashes
Fell in love with: The Tide
Current favorite: All Hail the Heartbreaker

2. Melinda Doolittle
First: For Once in My Life- Stevie Wonder
Fell in love with: There Will Come A Day
Current favorite: If I'm Not In Love

3. Kelly Clarkson
Fell in love with: Respect
Current favorite: Maybe

4. Mandisa
First: Fallin
Fell in love with: Shackles
Current favorite: He Is With You

5. Gavin DeGraw
First: Follow Through
Fell in love with: We Belong Together
Current favorite: Glass

6. Jason Mraz
First: The Remedy
Fell in love with: You and I Both
Current favorite: Beautiful Mess

7. Lady GaGa
First: Just Dance
Fell in love with: Poker Face
Current favorite: Brown Eyes

8. Taylor Swif
First: Teardrops on My Guitar
Fell in love with: I'm Only Me When I'm With You
Current favorite: Superstar

9. Lady Antebellum
First: Love Don't Live Here
Fell in love with: All We'd Ever Need
Current favorite: All We'd Ever Need

10. Jack's Mannequin
First: BLue
Fell in love with: Ready
Current favorite: Hamnmers and Strings

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