Monday, November 16, 2009

Still I Hope There's Hope For You

I'm having a hard time deciding if I like busy weekends or lazy weekends better. They both have their perks, they both have negatives. This past weekend was very busy, which made me want to stay in bed all day today instead of going to work.

Friday I came home from work, changed into a black dress, ate a quick dinner, and then left the house again for the first school dance. Now, I was imagining that we would have to pull kids apart for dirty dancing, deal with some drama, etc. I was wrong. The kids all stayed in their clumps of people, no one even went on the dance floor until it was halfway over. They were all so timid and anxious, complete opposite of how they are in school. I'm thankful that there were no major behavior problems (although I did have to do one minor peer mediation session in the girls bathroom), and that they respected one another, but sheesh! At least make it interesting! It was cute though, and brought back memories of my high school dances. Also, it made me even more aware that I am now an adult...because every time a song played that I have dubbed "my jam" I couldn't yell and scream and be obnoxious. I had to hold back during some of my favorites. It was fun to meet some of my students friends/significant others from other schools.

Saturday was chore/errand day in the morning. I cleaned the kitchen, went to the bank, gas station, and CVS, and worked on some homemade gifts that I am making for Christmas. We went to an early dinner because we have only been out as a community once. We went to Z's Villa in Detroit, per my brother in law's recommendation. Then Katie and I headed off to Farmington Hills to see the Mercy fall play, "I Remember Mama". I love going back there for performances. I was involved in stage crew when I was at Mercy, so I appreciate the set and the way the show is run. The play was great, I was so very proud of those girls. I feel old, because I don't know anyone in the plays except for one student who is my friends little sister. It's strange to think that five years ago, those were my best friends on the stage...and now they are strangers. The theatre department at Mercy is outstanding, and this show proved that. I'll continue to go back for performances, and I'm especially excited that their spring musical this year is "Annie".

Sunday we went to church at Sacred Heart in Detroit. It was a primarily African American congregation, a long Mass, and VERY close knit group of people. I'm talking...they had anyone with a birthday and anyone who got good grades on their report card come up one by one on the altar during Communion. The choir was amazing. I really enjoyed that Mass, it's so different than what I am used to, but it was interesting and fun. The priest gave a wonderful homily on finding hope in the dark times. It reflected what I blogged about on Friday, and I really enjoyed it. After Mass we came home for lunch and then Dave and I went to Cristo Rey for the open house. I was a little nervous that we wouldn't have a good turnout, but there were several very interested families that attended. Dave and I were given the task of explaining all the extracurriculars. I recruited some new creative writers and talked a little bit about peer mediation and study skills. One of the nuns who is a foster parent came by, she was taking around an 8th grader who she had fostered when she was a baby and still keeps in contact with. It was nice to see a familiar face, and she had their latest addition with her- a 6 week old beautiful baby boy. I got to hold him, he was so precious. Cristo Rey students were responsible for giving tours to perspective students, and I was so proud of them. They carried themselves very well and were so well spoken. It was nice to see them show pride in their school.

I just made my to-do list for the week and it is quite long. I have a lot of phone calls to make, mainly calling back some people from other MVC communities that have called me. Also, tomorrow is my bestie Sam's birthday! WOOT! I wish I could have spent Saturday with her when she celebrated, but things didn't work out.

Thankful for:
-Mercy High School for preparing me for the person I am today.
-Students who aren't afraid to express themselves and say what they feel.
-Warm weekends in November.
-Friends who I can go to Church with and be open about my faith and beliefs with.
-Welcoming people at Church who greet us with open arms, even though they have never seen us before.
-Cute text messages
-That my friends get to travel to see Melinda in her NYC debut this week.

Today I am going to write about three of my co-workers.

Hannah- Hannah is a Jesuit Volunteer from Oregon. She is at Cristo Rey doing college counseling, she also helps me with the lunch program. She's a firecracker. She is not afraid to say what's on her mind, I admire and appreciate that about her. She's hilarious, and a great friend to have during the stressful school day. I really appreciate when the two of us can chat in between lunches and be able to understand and help each other. Because she's also a volunteer we have a lot in common. When she wasn't here for two days for her retreat I really missed her presence. I'm glad that she is in my life and that we can blast some Gaga music when preparing for lunch.

John- One of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. John is a Cappuchin Volunteer, he lives with three girls on the East side of Detroit. He is originally from northern Michigan and went to Aquinas for an education degree. He teaches at the school but is also a volunteer. He's got to be one of the most hard working of the volunteers. I have so much respect for him and know that he is a fabulous teacher. He's always willing to help out other staff members in an instant, and has come through for me quite a few times when I needed help. He recently got engaged to his college girlfriend, another sweetheart.

Dean- I am so thankful for Dean and his wife Giles. Dean is a lot like Dave- high energy and compassionate. His concern for others and selflessness is so admirable. Dean isn't a volunteer, but we can all relate to him as he is very strong in his faith and around our age. He also lives a "long football pass" away from us, so that comes in handy. The kids love him and call him "Mr. Timberlake". He's a wonderful guy with a huge heart, and passion for To Write Love On Her Arms. He also bought Gaga tickets for Hannah and I as a Christmas present, so I mean...obviously he's amazing. I really, REALLY admire his faith and that he's not afraid to be open with his views.

One final thing- tomorrow is not only Sam's birthday but also the day that Kris Allen and John Mayer are releasing albums. You better get them :-)

Currently listening to "Look so Tired"- Landon Pigg

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First off, Annie is my most FAVORITE play ever!! My uncle and I used to watch it all the time when I was growing up and he used to call me Molly. :-) I actually got to be in Annie in 10th grade... Mrs. Greer right here! haha. Anyhow, glad you had such a great weekend! Thank you so much for the cute text. I got it this morning, and didn't want to reply in case you were sleeping :-)

Btw, I was in CVS like a month ago and found this card that reminded me exactly of you. I've had it in my backpack ever since and keep meaning to send it to you. It's a little wrinkled...actually a lot wrinkled by now, but it will be coming soon! :-)

Miss and love ya!