Monday, November 23, 2009

American Music Awards

The American Music Awards are usually my favorite awards show, besides the Grammy's. They are fun, fan-voted, and jam-packed with performances. Last night I curled into bed to watch what was left of the show on a live stream. I missed the first few award and performances, but I'm all caught up thanks to .

I agreed with most of the awards. I think it's a little unfair that Taylor Swift won Favortie Pop Rock Female Artist. I'm a little confused as to why Kelly Clarkson was not nominated for that. Since she wasn't, then Gaga should have won, no questions asked. Taylor is a country star. Also, I understand that Michael Jackson is a legend and we should honor his life and music...but aren't these awards about THIS year's music? Why was he nominated for so many categories? I didn't get that. The last one I didn't agree with at all was breakthrough artist. Now, I love me some Gloriana, but they are nowhere near the talent of Lady Gaga. She is a musical genius...but we'll get back to that when I talk about performances.

Now...if I think Taylor should not have won pop/rock female artist and Gaga SHOULD have won breakthrough, who did I think for artist of the year? Eminem? Nope. MJ? No. You know my feelings on that. Kings of Leon? No...they are an amazing band I was torn between T Swift and Gaga. Here's my thing. Both of them have had several NUMBER ONE hits this year. Both have sold out shows in seconds. Both are extremly talented. Taylor won and I'm proud of her. She DID deserve it, the fact that people don't think so really irritates me. Just because you don't listen to country music doesn't mean Taylor is not a superstar. Good for you, Taylor.

Overall....Gaga should have won SOMETHING. That's my biggest complaint.


It really was the battle of the diva's last night! From Janet to Whitney to Gaga, we had them all.

The only reason Janet was there was because her brother died a few months ago. Harsh, but true. Daughtry...was Daughtry. Same old thing. Shakira's back...I've never been a Shakira fan. I'll leave it at that. Keith Urban was good, as usual. Nothing exciting...

Wait, HERE we go. Reba introduces Kelly, who performs "Already Gone". In my opinion, Kelly's was the best of what we had seen so far. She is truly talented. What a voice! She looked beautiful and sounded amazing. Kelly always does, that's what I love about her. The standing O she recieved proves it.

The Alicia Keys/Jay Z duet started off beautifully. I'm a fan of piano Alicia, without all the fancy stuff. She has a goregous, soulful voice. They sound good together.

The Black Eyed Peas were great, and energetic. They never fail to put on a good performance, and their songs easily become theme songs for parties. Love it.
Fergie has such a great voice.

I usually love Rhianna but was very disconnected from her performance...I miss "Umbrella" and "Rehab". Next up was Carrie. I'm not a huge Carrie fan but that performance was oustanding. She has such an amazing voice. So far, Carrie and Kelly win for best vocals. Hmm...and I THINK they were both on the same tv show that people love to hate...right? After Carrie, Gaga.

I absolutley adore Lady Gaga. I know she's crazy. That's why I love her. She takes risks. She breaks barriers. She steps outside of the box. She is the Madonna of our generation. Plus, I'm convinced she's an artistic genius. Oh, and the fact that she can ACTUALLY sing helps. She's not lip synching, people. She has got something in her voice. "Bad Romance" was wonderful, but I loved when she broke glass, set a piano on fire, and sang "Speechless" even more. The girl was sitting there belting out this emotional tune while smashing empty bottles of alcohol on the piano. Amazing.

Mary J. Blige and J. Lo....not going to lie, I muted during them. Not a big fan of either one. I turned the volume back up for Whitney, who performed "I Didn't Know My Own Strength". She's definatley lost the perfect voice she once had, but homegirl still did a great job.

Since I'm not a fan of rap music I'm not even going to discuss the Eminem/Timbaland situation. I'm also going to skip Green Day, since I am so sick of that song I can't even begin to tell you. Moving right along to...

ADAM LAMBERT. I'm an Idol fan. Adam was my favorite all season, (along with Allison) but I admit I got annoyed with the constant praise and over done performances. After the season ended, Allison and Matt became my real favorites, the ones I vowed to continue to support. When I saw Adam live in September, though, I was absolutley overwhelmed with how amazing he is live. I still choose Allison and Matt over him, but Adam is epic. Last Okay, I will willingly admit that his voice wasn't as good as it can be. I'll even admit that performance probably should not have been performed on live tv...but that's what I love about Adam. Like Gaga, he pushes limits and breaks barriers. He doesn't fit the mold and he doesn't care. He proves that you can do whatever the hell you want to do and be who you want to be. The fact that he is so comfortable in his own skin and doing whatever he wants makes me admire him. Good for you, Adam Lambert.

New music was released today...which first of all kind of confuses me (it's only Monday) but is also exciting. I'll write a review of Gaga and Adam's albums later.

I'm VERY excited for this weekend. I get to see my family and friends! Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, Archie on Friday with Sam, reunion and party on Saturday. Woo!

Also, if I don't see Precious or Blind Side soon....

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