Tuesday, November 24, 2009


"When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us?"

I know the meaning of sisterhood. I've got my own sister, I went to an all girls high school where my friends were more like sisters, I was in a sorority, and I have had several female roomates whom I've considered sisters.

You've heard me talk a lot about Mercy and the special place that it has in my heart, so I won't say much except that those girls were my lifeline for four years. Many of those friendships have faded away, but I'll never forget the times we shared together. Going to an all girls school is truly unique- you share things so openly with one another and don't hold back any emotion. Mercy is where I learned the true meaning of friendship.

Skip ahead to my college years...I was an anxious, shy 18 year old who absolutley did not want to go to college. I was deseperate to belong somewhere, to find my home away from home...which is why I rushed for a sorority. I had my doubts throughout the entire rush process. It seemed every houes we entered, the girls were the same. Skinny, blonde, goregous, and obnoxious. WHY were they all wearing the same outfit and chanting annoying cheers at us? Why were they asking me so many questions, and why the hell did they care what my dad did for a living? Oh....I see...to get money. Dang. When I walked into Delta Gamma, things were different...way different. The girls were normal. They had brunettes...they had big girls...they had the tiny blondes...they had everyone. The first girl I talked to was so calm, she didn't pressure me or ask me a million questions. She made me feel comfortable. I chose Delta Gamma to be my home for the next four years...it didn't quite work out that way, though. For two years, I worked my butt off. My grades slipped because I was so focused on making DG the best that it could be. I was 100% dedicated to our mission and my sisters. I had so much fun getting to know everyone and going out on weekends with them. They were my whole life for two years. I would have done anything for any person in that house...and you know what? To this day, I still would. After we closed our chapter, everyone quickly grew apart. It was devastating for me. There went my two years of hard work and friendships, poof gone in an instant. I thought we would all be in each other's weddings...wrong. I'm sad to say I only talk to a few people from DG anymore, but proud to say that I was in it for two years. Delta Gamma taught me the true meaning of sisterhood. Of making sacrifices for those you care about. If anyone in Delta Gamma is reading this, know that I love you. Dearly. Despite what we've been through, you guys were my life for two years, and I will always be here for you. ITB, baby anchors.

Then there's all the roomates I have who I consider sisters. Jen's name immediatley comes to my mind when I think of that. We were attached at the hip and could tell each other everything. We stayed up late in our dorm rooms laughing...crying...telling our biggest fears and dreams. Then there's Megan, who was my big siser in my sorority and my roomate. I wouldn't have made it through my sophomore year of college without her. The absolutley ridiculous times I had with her still make me laugh. Junior year it was Fitz, Mary, and my bestie Sam. I'm convicned Sam and I are long lost sisters. We're the same person yet so different at the same time. I can't imagine my life without her. Senior year it was Lauren and Jess. Now Lauren and I literally are the same person. She'd do anything for anybody, although she'd never admit that :-)

At school, I'm in the position where I sort of am a big sister to these kids. I'm too young to be a mama and too old to be a "friend". I look out for them as if they were my little siblings. I've stood up for kids, I've taught them lessons, I've helped them with conflict issues and homework. I wouldn't be able to do all of this if it hadn't been for my sister and friends, Mercy, and DG.

Today, I am thankful for
-All the positive role models I have in my life
-The gift of sisterhood
-Friends I've had through the years, no matter how often I now talk to them. They still hold a place in my heart.
-My parents who raised me to be the compassionate person I am
-Delta Gamma and all that it taught me
-Big sister figures
-Little Sisters
-Western Michigan University's Family Studies program
-Mr. Khoury for the thank you card and cookies.

I know this blog is already long but I'm going to talk about some sistah's.

Maureen- In my eyes, my older sister is perfect. Not saying that in a bratty, jealous way. She is perfect to me. I see her that way. She's goregous, athletic, extremly compassionate, laid-back, funny, and a great friend to all. I WISH I could be as calm and understanding as she is. I think I've only seen her cry once...I cry once a day. She is smart and gives the best advice. She's friendly and can carry on a conversation with just about everyone. I'm thankful for everything that she has taught me. She may not know this but she is a role model for my brother and I...why do you think all three of us are in the social work field? Because we see what good work my sister does, and we want to do the same. I admire her ability to keep friends, and not get too upset if they do grow apart. I wish I had her outlook on life. I love her dearly and I am lucky to have her as a sister. I can't wait for her to have babies (hint hint) so I can be an aunt.

Katie- Katie is my most recent girl roomate and could easily be added to the sister list. She's a sweetheart and always making sure everyone else is taken care of- which is probably because she is the oldest sister in her own family. Actually, she reminds me a LOT of Mo, they are both 9's on the ennogram :-) Katie is funny, smart, deep, compassionate, and friendly. I'm thankful for every day, I absolutley love having her around and spending time with her. She brings so much life to the community, and I know she is probably making an incredible impact at her service site. She has so many admiralbe qualities, and she's so patient and understanding. When I was sick she was quick to help out. I'm proud of her, and can't wait to see where she goes from here. Katie, thanks for being my MVC sister. :-)

To everyone else I briefly mentioned in here and also to J Bizz, Meg Mal, and Alicia, know that I am thankful for you every single day. I love you babies.

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Loved this entry Megan! So true about it seriously!! love you!OH I SEE U FRIDAYYY