Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Is this weekend really almost over? I'm anxious to get back to my roomies and see what they've been up to, but sad to be leaving the comfort of my home. It has been such an amazing few days, and I am thanking God for all the wonderful people in my life.

My parents invited my roommates to our family's Thanksgiving celebration before I had even met them. It was right after I learned they were all from different states, and my mom said "they probably won't be able to go home for Thanksgiving...let's invite them to come with us". They were officialy invited the day we moved into our Detroit house. That's just the way my parents are- open arms to everyone. We celebrate Thanksgiving with my mom's side at my Uncle Kevin's house in Lansing. The number of people varies every year, but this year was a record with 34 guests. Our traditions are to finish the cooking/watch football, write down what we're thankful for, eat a delicious meal, read aloud what we wrote down, and then play an intense game of football in the backyard. I was proud to bring my roomies and introduce them to my family. It was good to see my cousins and other family members. The dinner was absolutley delicious, and I enjoyed hearing what everyone was thankful for. Mine was "the oppportunity to serve at an amazing school and the support of my family, friends, and roommates". After dinner we all bundled up and headed outside for the football game, which gets more intense ever year. My team (the sweet potato sackers) pretty much rocked, we were dominating the entire game until halftime when the green bean machines caught up and ended up winning the game. (boo). It was a blast and gave everyone the ability to let loose and have some fun. I hope my roomies enjoyed themselves as much as I did. Oh, and you guys should have seen when I tackled my sister to the ground. I was trying to grab her flag but ended up plowing her to the ground. Oops.

We drove back to my parents house and I parted ways with my roomies so I could stay home for the weekend. I spent some quality time with my brother, Sara, and my dad watching The Office and more quality time eating pie and chatting about the day with my momma. So perfect. Love it. Love my family, love Thanksgiving.

Friday I woke up sore from football and ready for a new day. Sara and I watched Gaga on Ellen and lounged around for a while, then I went out to lunch with my brother and Sara. I absolutley adore the two of them and I am SO happy that they are happy. I came home and got ready for the evening, and then headed to Ann Arbor to see BB Archie. I was supposed to be an usher, but apparently they overbooked and had way too many. Instead, they gave me a free ticket. A volunteer will take anything that's free! (No seriously, we will). I called Sam to let her know what was going on...little did we know we were talking to each other in the same spot...she was just a few steps away from me! Ha! It was so good to see her, I love my bff. I love seeing her so happy, she truley deserves it. We waited around until doors opened and then headed to our seats. As I was sitting way up high I see Sam walking closer and closer to her seat- she could touch the stage! I was excited for her and ready to hear David. Oh my gosh you guys, the concert was amazing. I'll write a better review of it later, but if there was ever a show to go to to hear David Archuleta's amazing vocals, that was it. The poor kid was incredibly nervous, but his voice was perfect. The symphony backing him up was goregous. It made me really proud of him, he proved what a talent he is.

After the concert I met up with Sam and we headed to back to my parents house...but made a pit stop at Denny's. Sam and I haven't had an after concert chat in so long, it was just like old times. We got back to my house pretty late but stayed up and talked and laughed for a while.

Saturday morning, I FINALLY slept in, for the first time in months. Sam and I watched some hilarious youtube videos and had some more great chat time before she headed home. I found out later that a car merged into hers on 94 on the way home, but thank God she is okay, and so is her car. Everyone please be careful driving and know your surroundings!

Saturday was probably the most interesting day of break. I spent the day lounging and playing Scrabble with my dad, brother, and Sara. Then around 3, Alex came over and the five of us decorated the house for Christmas. I absolutley loved that, having some of the most important people in my life to share that with. A few hours later, the house was ready for Santa and Alex and I left to go to a reunion dinner. It was SO good and refreshing to see old friends. I haven't seen some of those people in 2 years! They are my heart, and I love them dearly. I'll always appreciate their sweet hearts and compassion. I hope to see them again over Christmas break, and hang out with those in the area once in a while.

Alex and I decided to stop by my sister and Dave's house with the rest of my family before we went to a birthday party for one of his co-workers. We watched some ND Football and played "Things". So much fun, I'm lucky to have this family. At one point I decided that whatever the next category was, I was just going to write "Chikezie" for the heck of it...well the next category was "Things you would wish for if you had a genie in a bottle". HA! How ironic.

Alex and I headed out to the party...which was in a gated community. I felt like I was in Barbie's playhouse or an episode of Laguna Beach. Alex's friends that were there were all super nice, but it was definatley not my kind of crowd. We left early and headed home for some fun times with my brother and Sara. Nohing like bonding over creepy free movies on OnDemand and dance parties. It was a blast, I didn't go to sleep until 3:30 am.

Today was goodbye to my brother and Sara, Church, and now enjoying my dad's famous tuna melts and watching The Proposal with him.

SO. An amazing weekend. Thank you to all who were a part of it!

Have a lovely week.

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