Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today was just one of those perfect days, you know? Nothing went wrong, nothing annoyed me. I felt completely at peace all day.

I woke up early on a Saturday to head out to Bishop Foley for my girls’ volleyball game. They’ve been asking me all week if I could come to another game soon, so I promised I’d go on Saturday. As soon as I walked in I hear “HI MISS CAROLIN”. Their faces lit up. I was so glad to go out and support them. It was a mini tournament; I stayed for two games and then left. Dropped off a box of leftover loaves of bread at a soup kitchen and grabbed some Starbucks (care of April…MDL). On the way, I heard Melinda’s remix. Luckily I was stopped at a light…heard the music and started singing along before I really realized what was happening. Oh my goodness, I got SO excited. I’ve never heard Melinda on the radio before. So proud of that lil gal.

Afterwards I came home, showered, and then headed out with Katie and Dave to the Mercy Campus for an open house with the Sisters of Mercy. We arrived and were greeted by many familiar faces…including Sr. Margaret, our liaisons to the Sisters of Mercy, Sr. Mary Jo, our regional coordinator, Sr. Catherine, our link to University of Detroit Mercy College, and Sr. Regina, president of Mercy High School. They were celebrating the 25th anniversary of the center, so we watched a slideshow and enjoyed refreshments. I chatted with Sr. Regina for a tiny bit and we’re going to set up a day for me to come back, visit Mercy, and talk to classes about the Mercy Volunteer Corps. I can’t wait; you all know how much that place means to me! We were also able to talk to Sr. Mary Jo quite a bit. Her job is to take care of us, so we checked in and let her know how things were going.

Before we left, I took Katie and Dave on a walk around the Mercy grounds- a beautiful campus. There’s the high school (which I attended), the McCauley Center (Chapel and living quarters for many of the sisters), and the Mercy Center (where many older sisters who need care stay). The outside is absolutely beautiful. We walked to the labyrinth and then to a bench facing the pond, where we sat for quite a while…and fell asleep. Looking out at the campus, being in the presence of Mercy and the sisters just made me feel so much at peace and proud of what I am doing and where I am now. I think it’s especially neat that just a few years ago, that was the place that was molding me into who I am, influencing me and showing me the way.
Now we’re all sitting in our house and I’m starting to feel the beginning of fall. Fall is my favorite season, there’s nothing I love more than sitting in a hoodie and flannel pants, drinking hot cider. Can you guys believe it’s this close to October? How crazy is that? It’s going to be Christmas before we know it.

Oh, about the Starbucks thing. Yesterday April twittered me and said she sent me something and it should be getting there. She sent it to my home address, so I called up my momma and asked if it was there. My parents took turns reading me the card and then said that April had sent a Starbucks gift card for my early mornings. How thoughtful is that? April, thank you so much. I received your sweet gift on a day I really needed it.

As always, please continue to pray for Laurence. He’s been on my heart and mind very much today, more than usual. Not sure what that means but it’s telling me to pray.
Love yourself. Be yourself. Show yourself.
Song- Colbie Cailliat, Fearless

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grape11ape said... Add Reply

WOW, Meggie! You've been REALLY busy writing since I last had a chance to come here and read. You are so welcome for the Starbucks...I remember the days all I ate was popcorn and cereal 'cause they were so cheap.

Meggie...I don't have any children and although I don't think of you as my "kid" - 'cause you are not - you are a very beautiful, intelligent, loving and giving young lady - I just feel we all should look out for each other. So, I'm gonna keep looking out for you whenever I can. Love you Sweetie. I will read all your posts but it might take me awhile! hehehe
Love you! :-)